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Field Upgrades

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Field Upgrades in Cold War Zombies is a great way to provide the player with extra protection and support. Deployed by the Weaponized Aetherium Neutralizer Device or the W.A.N.D alongside the Field Upgrade canister that manipulates the local residual Aetherium into various forms.


aetherium crystals

Upgrades come at the cost of Aetherium Crystals, awarded upon reaching “Round Milestones” which is first archived at Round 10 with subsequent milestones occurring every 5 rounds. Three types can be found: Raw Aetherium Crystals, Refined Aetherium Crystals, and Flawless Aetherium Crystals.
Upgrade Costs: Tier I: 1 Raw Aetherium Crystal – Tier II: 2 Raw Aetherium Crystals – Tier III: 3 Raw Aetherium Crystals – Tier IV: 4 Refined Aetherium Crystals – Tier V: 5 Flawless Aetherium Crystals

frost blast

Frost Blast
Create a frigid blast of wind that deals frost damage and slows enemies caught inside of it. Slowed enemies take additional damage
Tier I: Blast lasts 3 seconds longer continuing to slow enemies.
Tier II: Increase maximum charges to 2.
Tier III: Double the size and damage of the blast.
Tier IV: Increase maximum charges to 3.
Tier V: Normal enemies are frozen for 5 seconds and insta-killed when damaged.

energy mine

Energy Mine
Create a mine of pure energy that detonates on proximity of enemies, dealing explosive damage.
Tier I: Increase maximum charges to 2.
Tier II: Double the size of the blast.
Tier III: Mine detonates 2 times in rapid succession.
Tier IV: Enemies damaged by the blast have their armor destroyed.
Tier V: Mine detonates 3 times in rapid succession, stunning Special enemies.

aether shroud

Aether Shroud
Phase into the Dark Aether for 5 seconds becoming hidden from enemy detection.
Tier I: Activation instantly reloads ammo for your weapon.
Tier II: Increase shroud duration to 8 seconds.
Tier III: Activation instantly warps you forward a small distance.
Tier IV: Increased movement speed while shrouded.
Tier V: Increase maximum charges to 2.

healing aura

Healing Aura
Summon beams of energy down on yourself and allies to instantly heal to full health.
Tier I: You and allies gain a regenerative healing effect that lasts 10 seconds.
Tier II: Beam knocks down normal enemies and stuns Special and Elite enemies.
Tier III: Beam revives downed allies.
Tier IV: Revived allies now keep all of their Perks on their decay meter.
Tier V: Beams persist at their initial locations and continuing to heal players for 10 seconds.

ring of fire

Ring of Fire
Create a ring of ethereal fire that boosts damage for you and allies. Normal enemies who enter gain a burning effect that deals fire damage. Last 15 seconds.
Tier I: Double burn effect damage.
Tier II: Ring blocks enemy projectiles.
Tier III: While in the ring, ammo is taken from the player’s stock instead of the magazine.
Tier IV: Burning effect has a small chance to insta-kill.
Tier V: Ring duration, burn effect, and insta-kill chance all increase the longer the player is inside.

frenzied guard

Frenzied Guard
Force all enemies in the area to target you for 10 seconds. Armor takes all damage during this time.
Tier I: Activation repairs your armor to full.
Tier II: Enemies you kill repair 10% of your armor.
Tier III: Normal enemies explode after hitting you.
Tier IV: Increase duration to 15 seconds.
Tier V: Normal enemies are slowed to speed walk while active.

toxic growth

Toxic Growth
Summon a deadly growth of thorns in front of you. Enemies moving through it are slowed by 50% and take toxic damage.
Tier I: Double the health of the growth.
Tier II: Increase the maximum charges to 2.
Tier III: Double the damage enemies take while moving through the growth.
Tier IV: Increase the maximum charges to 3.
Tier V: Enemies killed by the growth explode dealing toxic damage to nearby enemies and slow them by 50% for 3 seconds.

tesla storm

Tesla Storm
For 10 seconds, lightning connects to other players, stunning and damaging normal enemies.
Tier I: Double the damage dealt to enemies stunned by Tesla Storm.
Tier II: Increase the duration to 15 seconds.
Tier III: Special enemies can be stunned and damaged by Tesla Storm.
Tier IV: Players generating a field gain 25% increased movement speed.
Tier V: Elite enemies can be stunned and damaged by Tesla Storm.

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