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Category - Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare II

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Release Date October 28, 2022
Developer Infinity Ward
Multiplayer Maps 24

Release Date Developer Multiplayer Maps
October 28, 2022 Infinity Ward 24



Operators are split into two factions: SPECGRU and KORTAC. These two factions represent the two team names in all team-based game modes. These unique characters - each with their own backstory, nationality, character...

MWII Gunship


Getting eliminated sets your streak back to zero. Modern Warfare II additionally offers the choice to use a Scorestreak system instead, using earned score instead of eliminations to track your progress. Again, when...

low profile

Special Ops

In addition to the Campaign, dive into an evolved Special Ops co-op experience. In Special Ops, Operators will have access to a Backpack to store equipment and one of three Kits that are similar to a set of Perks, Field...

el sin nombre


Playing as and alongside members of Task Force 141, Mexican Special Forces, and Shadow Company, you will travel across multiple continents to prevent a global crisis while untangling a web of crime and deception. From...

Night Light