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Primary Weapons

Your main weapon is your Primary Weapon and it should suit your style of play. Many weapons provide different play styles from the run and gun to camp and scope on your enemies. Options include fully automatic, compact...



Equipment in Modern Warfare 2 includes Lethal and Tactical. Lethals are deadly with the ability to toss them and plant some of the others. All Tactical equipment can be tossed and mainly used to confuse the enemy.


Port of Verdansk

The site of a supposed major shipment leaving Verdansk. Battle against your enemies among the shipping containers, cranes, buildings, and streets that define this unique addition to the Ground War map rotation. - Port...



Turista is a plush spa and resort for affluent galactic travelers, nestled in the middle of a giant skeleton of a long dead creature. It’s a long, linear 3 lane map that allows a variety of playstyles.



Frequently favored by snipers and close-range combatants, use lots of cover and watch for campers.


Al-Raab Airbase

The Al-Raab Airbase has been taken over by the US, map features many areas for cover and open sightlines for snipers. Large open combat to hunt your enemies.



Perks are passive perks and include bonuses like running faster, increased bullet damage, and also extra Equipment or Lethal Equipment.

Night Light