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Call of Duty Maps


Returning as a Fan Favorite from Cal of Duty 4, Near the main Port of Verdansk. A once-abandoned warehouse has been confiscated by Al-Qatala forces. Great asymmetrical map that mixes interior and exterior combat.



Mass destruction on a small city in Arnhem, Netherlands, use all the broken buildings as cover but don’t stay in the street’s longs, you will be shot down! - United Offensive


Free Fall

Survive a falling skyscraper. Frenetic close quarters action that shifts under foot.


Lethal Equipment

Lethal Equipment is your go-to tossable explosive or lethal weapon. These range from a basic Frag Grenade to a I.E.D. or Throwing Knife. These are great tools for flushing out the enemy or defending an objective.


Tavorsk District

Skyscrapers provide great height for snipers and close-quarters fight all the way to the top, take to the streets with submachine guns, and watch the skies. This large open city is great for all combat types. - Tavorsk...


Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades are abilities and pieces of gear that can give you a tactical edge in battle. They recharge throughout a fight. More powerful Field Upgrades take longer to charge. Field Upgrade Pro lets you equip two...



Operation Overlord has left this small town in war-torn distress, using the buildings as cover and the windows to shoot down enemies in the streets.



Based in London, an open street warzone filled with busses and multilevel advantages. Take the underground to sneak up behind the enemy or relax in the bookstore and wait for them.



A large hillside in Italy is a great place for war, grab a tank to run down enemies or stay inside the buildings to keep cover. Great for any game style. - United Offensive

Night Light