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el sin nombre


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Playing as and alongside members of Task Force 141, Mexican Special Forces, and Shadow Company, you will travel across multiple continents to prevent a global crisis while untangling a web of crime and deception. From piloting Gunships and battling within a convoy to identifying high-value targets and stealthily navigating underwater, you will need to become a true Tier One Operator to survive this pulse-pounding Campaign.


On a recon mission in Al Mazrah, Ghost, Shepherd, Laswell and Shadow Company take out a high value target.
Location: Al-Mazrah, United Republic of Adal
Date: July 15, 2022
Reward: Soap’s Determination (Calling Card)
Time: 3-5 minutes

kill or capture

Kill or Capture
Ghost and Soap lead the MARSOC marines on a mission to kill or capture terrorist leader Major Hassan Zyani.
Location: Al-Mazrah, United Republic of Adal
Date: October 28, 2022
Reward: What’s done is done (Emblem)
Time: 15-20 minutes


With Laswell’s help, Price and Gaz pursue an AQ cell in Amsterdam and discover an unholy alliance.
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: October 28, 2022
Reward: Double XP Token
Time: 5-10 minutes


In Amsterdam, Gaz, Price and Laswell use CIA tactics to roll up an HVT in broad daylight.
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: October 29, 2022
Reward: Double Weapon XP Token
Time: 3-5 minutes


Laswell tasks Alejandro to stop Hassan from crossing the border.
Location: USA/Mexico Border
Date: October 29, 2022
Reward: Chainlinked (Calling Card)
Time: 10-15 minutes

cartel protection

Cartel Protection
Ghost, Soap, Rudy, and Alejandro’s Los Vaqueros pursue Hassan under the cartel’s protection. Mexican Army troops in the pocket of the cartel intervene.
Location: Las Almas, Mexico
Date: October 30th, 2022
Reward: CHUY (Operator)
Time: 10-20 minutes

close air

Close Air
Ghost, Soap and Alejandro search a cartel controlled compound for Hassan, supported by Graves and his Shadow Company from an AC130 overhead.
Location: Las Almas, Mexico
Date: October 30th, 2022
Reward: Double XP Token
Time: 15-20 minutes


Graves and the ground team fight cartel reinforcements to keep Hassan secure.
Location: Las Almas, Mexico
Date: October 30th, 2022
Reward: Double Weapon XP Token
Time: 5-10 minutes

recon by fire

Recon by Fire
With Laswell on overwatch, Price and Gaz infiltrate a cartel smuggling operation off the coast of Spain in search of enemy missiles.
Location: Spain
Date: October 31, 2022
Reward: GAZ (Calling Card)
Time: 35-50 minutes

violence and timing

Violence and Timing
Price and Gaz enlist some old friends to help rescue Laswell from AQ.
Location: Urzikstan
Date: November 1, 2022
Reward: NOVA (Operator)
Time: 15-25 minutes

el sin nombre

El Sin Nombre
Soap, Alejandro, Ghost and Graves hatch a plan to infiltrate the home of a Las Almas cartel lieutenant in search of the elusive El Sin Nombre.
Location: Las Almas, Mexico
Date: November 1, 2022
Reward: Double XP Token
Time: 25-40 minutes

dark water

Dark Water
Soap, Alejandro, Ghost, Graves and his Shadow Company race to an offshore oil platform to prevent an imminent strike on US soil.
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Date: November 2, 2022
Reward: Double Weapon XP Token
Time: 15-20 minutes


Alone, unarmed and hunted, Soap must improvise to survive.
Location: Las Almas, Mexico
Date: November 3, 2022
Reward: Shadow Company Ops (Calling Card)
Time: 30-45 minutes

prison break

Prison Break
Rudy, Soap and Ghost break into a Shadow Company black site prison to extract Alejandro and the Los Vaqueros.
Location: Las Almas, Mexico
Date: November 3, 2022
Reward: REYES (Operator)
Time: 25-40 minutes


Laswell uncovers intel regarding a stolen shipment of American missiles.
Location: Al Mazrah, United Republic of Adal
Date: August 12, 2022
Reward: Double XP Token
Time: 3-5 minutes

ghost team

Ghost Team
TF-141 and Los Vaqueros go on a rogue mission against their own.
Location: Las Almas, Mexico
Date: November 3, 2022
Reward: HUTCH (Operator)
Time: 20-30 minutes


TF-141 deploys with the MARSOC marines to prevent an attack on a American city.
Location: Chicago, USA
Date: November 4, 2022
Reward: Union Guard (Assault Rifle)
Time: 20-30 minutes

no russian

After each member of Task Force 141 lays eyes on the picture of Makarov, the credits begin to roll.
> Another Video is seen after the credits rolled <
On a commercial flight where we get a shot of multiple men, one gets a text message from a contact named “M” likely Makarov.
After he confirms that he is ready, the “M” contact tells the passenger “No Russian”, which signals all three hooded armed passengers to get out of their seats and move forward in the plane.



Captain John “PRICE”
Nationality: British
Race: Caucasian
Actor: Barry Sloane
Quote: “My war ends with you”


SGT. John “SOAP” Mactavish
Nationality: Scottish
Race: Caucasian
Actor: Neil Ellice
Quote: “Break’s over, Roach. Let’s go.”


SGT. Kyle “GAZ” Garrick
Nationality: British
Race: Afro-British
Actor: Elliot Knight
Quote: “They sent us in half-assed…”


LT. Simon “GHOST” Riley
Nationality: British
Race: Caucasian
Actor: Samuel Roukin
Quote: “We won a battle, I’m going to win the war.”


Colonel Alejandro Vargas
Nationality: Mexican
Race: Hispanic
Actor: Alain Mesa
Quote: “Weapons hot, vaqueros!”



1. We Are RTB: Collect every trophy
2. Crocodile: Shoot three enemies in Wet Work while you’re under water
3. Must Be Wind: Rescue the hostages in Countdown without the enemies firing their weapons
4. Gunless: Finish Alone without firing a gun
5. Test Drive: Drive five different vehicles in Violence and Timing
6. Ghost-in-Training: Reach the penthouse in El Sin Nombre without killing anyone or triggering the alarm
7. Don’t Touch the Deck!: In Dark Water, advance 90 meters toward the front of the ship without touching the deck
8. Keeping this One: Reach Price using the first vehicle you hijack
9. Gentleman Thief: Open all three safes in the campaign
10. Wall of Duty: Kill three enemies with the riot shield in the campaign
11. Daredevil: Eliminate two enemies in the campaign while affected by a flashbang
12. Practice makes Perfect: Shoot all the targets in the training area in Ghost Team
13. A Crappy Way to Die: Kill the enemy in the porta-potty
14. Nessie: In Wet Work, reach the barge without being noticed
15. No time to Lose: Complete the CCTV sequence in four minutes
16. Backpack Guy: Kill gassed or blinded enemies using a Molotov, Semtex, and Frag in Prison Break
17. Cutting Heads off Snakes: Finish all campaign missions on veteran or realism difficulty
18. Time for Pints: Finish the campaign on any difficulty
19. Nobody was There: Never trigger the alarm in Recon by Fire
20. Night Fight: Earn three stars in Low Profile
21. Hellride: Earn three stars in Denied Area
22. Kings of the Mountain: Earn three stars in Defender: Mt. Zaya
23. Going Dark: Don’t trigger any arms while completing Low Profile
24. Only the Beginning: Earn at least one star
25. Full SSE: Find 20 intel fragments



Multiple Safes can be found throughout the Campaign.
Safe 1 – Mission: El Sin Nombre
The safe is inside the cupboard in the bedroom. Code to unlock the safe is 02-02-19, seen on a portrait in the same room. Inside you’ll find a Lockwood 300 shotgun and a bundle of Armor Plates.
Safe 2 – Mission: Alone
Safe can be found in the left corner of the coffee shop behind a locked door. The code to the safe is 10-10-80, seen on the calendar in the same room. Inside, you’ll find a Throwing Knife and a silenced .50 GS Pistol.
Safe 3 – Mission: Alone
This safe is located inside the back room of the garage. The code is 37-60-80 which is one of the numbers displayed on the laptop in the garage. Inside you’ll find another Throwing Knife and a Crossbow.

MWII Campaign Unlocks

Campaign Missions come with Campaign Unlocks that include Double XP Tokens, Operator Skins, Calling Cards, Emblems and even the Union Guard Assault Riffle, this Assault Rifle variant is Captain Price’s signature weapon that comes with four pre-equipped attachments: the Aim OP-V4 Reflex Optic, the SZ 1MW PEQ Laser, the FSS Covert V Silencer on the Muzzle, and the Lockgrip Pricision-40 Underbarrel Vertical Grip.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

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