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Al Mazrah

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Release Date November 16, 2022
Location Western Asia
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 16, 2022Western AsiaNone

The Biggest Call of Duty: Warzone Map Ever: Welcome to Al Mazrah!

The capital of the Republic of Adal is Al Mazrah, a fountain of strategic and luxury resources that fostered life thousands of years before the Common Era. Its history stretches through some of the greatest empires in history, as reflected in the ancient architecture across the capital. – Al Mazrah

Al Mazrah has 18 major points of interest: Oasis, Taraq Village, Rohan Oil, Quarry, Al Mazrah City, Hydroelectric, Marshlands, Caves, Observatory, Al Sharim Pass, Ahkdar Village, Sa’id City, Port, Sawah Village, Cemetery, Sariff Bay, Al Barga Fortress, and finally Airport.

recognizable locations

Memorable locations around this large map include many classics from the Modern Warfare series and even the Original Call of Duty.
Highrise can be seen between the two tall skyscrapers in the heart of Al Mazrah City, Quarry is filled with water and located at the Al Safwa Quarry, Terminal is found inside the Al Malik Airport, Afghan is missing the large plane but all other parts of the location can be found at the Sattiq Cave Complex, Dome is located at the Zaya Observatory, Neuville from the very first Call of Duty can be found at the Taraq Village, Shipment on the east side of the Hafid Port, Showdown is located at the Ahkdar Village and easily noticeable with the large statue, the main buildings from the map Storm can be found on the east side of the AL Bagra Fortress and lastly the warehouses from the map Pipeline can be located at the Hafid Port.


This isn’t your commanding officer’s Gulag: This is a livefire training complex as well as a prison, where foes need to be neutralized, and sometimes… partnered with? You’re dropped into a multi-level arena with only your fists, and a plan to loot, shoot, and win a decisive 2v2 battle before you’re allowed back into the big map for a second chance at victory.


Vehicles require gas and repair in Warzone 2, Find gas stations scattered throughout Al Mazrah. Boats also need repairs and fuel, find these locations around the river docks.
Land: ATV, UTV, Tactical Vehicle, Hatchback Car, Chop Top Off-Roader, SUV, Cargo Truck, Heavy Tank, Light Tank, and the APC
Air: Light Helocopter and a Heavy Chopper
Sea: RHIB Tactical Boats and the Armored Patrol Boat


Spend cash to purchase items at a limited quantity stock. Each Buy Station you visit around the map will include different items.
The buy stations now have Gear and Primary Weapons, a primary weapon will cost you $5,000. Other items range from $400 for Armor plates to $4,000 for a killstreak.


By Interrogating a downed enemy player, you will learn the locations of all their allies, via red dot pings on the minimap, as well as outlines in the environment (like a Snapshot Grenade), for a short period of time. You will also see the locations of any placed equipment they may have. This effect also dissipates once the interrogatee dies or is revived.


Clear a Stronghold, and you may receive a Black Site key (given to the first team that clears an active Stronghold). Then head to one of these locations; a more dangerous type of Stronghold that offers a permanent Weapon Blueprint reward and even more valuable in-match items for those who clear it out.


A choking storm gradually envelopes the Al Mazrah landscape, you may be familiar with the encroaching wall of vapor from your time in Verdansk and Caldera. This time, however, expect variations within the Circle Collapse.

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