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Call of Duty Maps

Alboran Hatchery

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Release Date May 10, 2023
Location Galicia, Spain
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
May 10, 2023Galicia, SpainNone

Use the large cover objects to conduct stealth operations around the map or climb up for a view of the surrounding area. It’s all about balancing exposure with intel-gathering here, with the best teams combining the two for a highly coordinated fight. – Alboran Hatchery


Outside the map, players will see the oceanside lighthouse and many large wind turbines. The sky is filled with dark clouds and players will not see much else other than the Galicia hillsides.


This multiplayer map was first seen in the Campaign mission “Recon by Fire” With Laswell on overwatch, Price and Gaz infiltrate a cartel smuggling operation off the coast of Spain in search of enemy missiles. This was a 35-50 minute mission with snipers, building infiltration, and high intense gunfights.

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