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Release Date June 14, 2023
Location Al Mazrah (Western Asia)
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Release DateLocationRemakes
June 14, 2023Al Mazrah (Western Asia)View All

Only the bravest or most foolhardy Operators will attempt a crossing, with danger looming above and below. The perimeter offers its own challenges, funneling players into tense engagements in its narrow confines. – Showdown


This version of Showdown was first seen in Warzone II Al Mazrah in the center of the Ahkdar Village so everything you see outside the maps playable area is Al Mazrah. Players will see the Observatory, Airport, and even other memorable areas.

showdown statue

The Statue in the center of Showdown has been changed, in the previous versions the statue was holding an AK-47 and now the Statue is covered in blood and chained to the building by the neck.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Night Light