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Release Date February 2, 2016
Location Zürich, Switzerland
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February 2, 2016Zürich, SwitzerlandView All

Fan favorite “Hijacked”, re-imagined as a Z.D.F police VTOL, hovering over rioting downtown Zurich. – Skyjacked


Sunshine, blue sky, clouds, Skyscrapers, smoking building and shots being fired in the sky can be seen just outside of Skyjacked.


In the center of the map you can find a UAV where the hot tub was in Hijacked, covered with a glass door.


Blueprints of a drone known as the Talon Scorestreak can be found in one of the main buildings showing what all the parts are called. It makes sense as you are at the Drone Division of Zurich Defense Force.


Blueprints for the Locus Sniper Rifle and the ICR-1 Assault Rifle can also be found on a screen in the same room as drone blueprint.

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