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Release Date February 25, 2021
Location Laos, Asia
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
February 25, 2021Laos, AsiaNone

The trail of clues leads the team to the lawless jungles of Laos. There they raid a jungle cartel stronghold, hoping to rescue Adler and stop the distribution of Nova 6. – Apocalypse

outside of apocalypse

Outside of Apocalypse, you will find Elephant Statues, dead bodies, broken temples, and many Asian artifacts. In the distance you will see a small river and some small villages; the map is surrounded by tall mountains and many trees. The view in the far distance is nice with the sun shining through the cloud-filled blue skies.

apocalypse ammo box

Only one ammo crate can be found in the center of the map, be sure to get in and out quickly if you are replenishing ammo as you will not have any cover. The crate is in the center of the map’s main roadway.


Reginaud Cigarettes. Be Wild, Be Free. 99% tar-free. The guy in the picture has a wonderful mustache and is badass with his zippo! Packages of Reginaud are not seen around the map but many other brands are.


Two bodies are seen on the map that have died while being cut many times. The map also has a small jail and interrogation table. Blood is seen everywhere along with many different types of weapons.

money and drugs

Apocalypse is scattered with Gold Bars, Drugs, American money, and stacks among stacks of 500 Euro bills.

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