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Release Date February 4, 2021
Location Los Angeles, USA
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February 4, 2021Los Angeles, USAView All

Reports indicate hired DGI forces have taken hostages at a Los Angeles Train Station. – Express

outside of map

Graffiti, burning buildings, and a large spillway can be seen outside of Express. You will also find the Bullet Train lobby that leads out to the large city streets.

the train

During the match one of the Bullet Trains fly through the maps train tracks, killing anyone in the way and coming back for more throughout the match. Use the track to flank the center area but listen for the buzzers as the train come fast!

ammo crate

An ammo crate can be found in the elevator near the info booth located near the center of the map, the ammo box will resupply a small amount of ammo once per life. Only use it if you need it!

atari game system

Posters are seen around the map that show what looks like an old Atari game console. Now you can bring all the joys of the Arcade home! The fun never ends! Many screenshots of old games like Pitfall are also seen on the posters.

movie posters

Many movie posters are seen around the map including a poster of Cinema 33 that is located in the Mall at the Pines also known as the multiplayer map The Pines. The movies that are playing include Father’s Dad, The Wicker, Drop the Boom, and Two Days on The Moon. Two new movie posters are seen on the bus stops outside the map and are called Murder High “Schools out ……….Forever” and Nightmare Summer “Forget the Dark……. Be afraid of the dark”

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