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Call of Duty Maps

Game Show

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Release Date December 16, 2020
Location Los Angeles
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
December 16, 2020Los AngelesNone

Test your close-quarters gunfighting skills on the glitzy game show set in Los Angeles, California. – Game Show

outside the map

Outside of the area players will see a movie set for a western-style movie and a building called Grave Hill, this is the same Grave Hill sign that was seen on the multiplayer map Outlaw from Black Ops 3.


A sign can be seen in the far distance outside of the map. “Nuketown! A brighter future for all.” The pictures on the sign are from the original Nuketown map.


Many different things are seen on the Dressing Room mirrors like a Miami poster, a Burger Town toy, Cat pictures, a Zombie Comic book, and a few notes that read “You are an EAGLE your wings are made of Awesome” and “Enjoy your struggle. Because once you succeed, you are going to tell the story of your success till you die… So enjoy your struggle”

interrogation room

Inside the dressing room is three large mirrors, smashing the mirrors on the right will uncover many sticky notes with numbers and numbers carved into the wall. Smashing the left mirror will uncover a hidden interrogation room. All of this is a reference to the Campain in Black Ops.


Many movie posters are seen around the map like Knifewood 2 “He brought a knife to a Gun Fight. Again…”, Rat Planet “In the distant future rats are the superior life form…  and humans are the vermin!”, Timestopper “A Mind-Bending action adventure!”, A Healthy Glow “All she wanted was a baby, what they gave her was her worst nightmare” and Rad Genie “You’ll wish you had a friend like him.” All of the movie posters have names on them from the development team from Black Ops Cold War.


Many pictures of what look to be celebrities can be seen signed on the wall. I have no idea who these people are so please let us know!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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