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Armada Strike

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Release Date November 13, 2020
Location North Atlantic Ocean
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November 13, 2020North Atlantic OceanView All

East and West collide in the open seas, both looking to secure a sunken prototype Russian nuclear submarine. – Armada Strike

outside the map

Outside of this battleship is many other ships including destroyed ships, not much can be seen in the distance, just lots of ocean. The sky is blue and filled with clouds as the sun shines over it all to give a great sky view.

ammo box

Ammo Crates can be found in each spawn area, these crates can resupply ammo many times throughout the game.

zip lines

Four zip lines are found in the center of the Armada Strike that allows players to go back to the top of the ship, one on each side and two that lead to the center room of the ship.

under the water

Take a dive into the ocean from the top deck, the water is dark and provides some good cover if needed. Just don’t drown!

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