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Release Date November 13, 2020
Location Nicaragua
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 13, 2020NicaraguaNone

CIA-JSOC special forces slash with the powerful Menendez drug cartel in the remote jungles of Nicaragua. – Cartel

starting the game

The game starts with a team riding in on two jeeps and the other team arriving in two helicopters flying around the mountainside.

outside the map

Outside of the area are a long dirt runway, many mountains, tall trees, and a bright blue sky with little cloud coverage. Next to the getaway plane players will see the well-known chopper gunner.

ammo crate

The map shares one Ammo Crate in the center of the map, use this to resupply ammo anytime during the game, just be sure the enemy team is not waiting for you!

getaway plane

A getaway plane can be heard just outside the area, many piles of money and drugs scattered everywhere around the map, the drug Cartel have the escape plan ready.

gaming machine

Inside the garage is an old Activision game machine and the game is called Grand Prix, a Formula One Grand Prix motor racing-themed video game that was released on Atari in 1982.


A picture of the original Nuketown map can be seen on a bulletin board next to a map in the hanger office.


Inside a bedroom, in the house, you can find a dead cartel member along with a note on the table. The note is To: Jose Louis Menendez and from someone called Stitch.
The note says “I understand the US is holding an ally of yours. We can secure his release if you agree to us utilizing your global shipping and distribution trade routes. I have precious cargo that cannot be disturbed. As goodwill. I know that your friend is scheduled for a prison transport next year, passing through Miami.


The 12v12 version of the map allows players to ride dirt bikes around the map, the bikes can take a max of two people and can also run enemies over. The passenger and the driver can both use guns while riding.

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