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Release Date November 13, 2020
Location Berlin, East Germany
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 13, 2020Berlin, East GermanyNone

NATO special forces shutdown a hidden Perseus training facility, built to practice an assassination attempt against the POTUS. – Checkmate

start the game

Both teams arrive at the battle area, one team rides in on a tank as the other team speeds into the area on three off-road doom buggies.

outside the area

Just outside the hanger is many planes and helicopters along with a long runway. More into the distance, players will see many trees and a few other buildings. The sky is also blue with a small cloud cover.

ammo crate

Only one ammo crate is shared between both teams, the crate is located in the center area of the map in a high activity zone. Ammo crates are great when more ammo is needed and can be used at any time.

doritos bag

On one of the tables inside the plane, you will find a bag of Taco Flavor Doritos, Doritos are often used as a way of getting 2xp at the launch of each Call of Duty game. This would mark the first time a real brand of chips is seen in a multiplayer map.

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