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Release Date June 17, 2021
Location International Waters
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June 17, 2021International WatersView All

Reports indicate Spetsnaz forces have hijacked a yacht in international waters with a key informant on board. – Hijacked

outside of hijacked

Sailboats on the open water and a small island can be seen outside of this Hijacked cruise ship. The sky is open, and the sun is out with birds flying around the ship. Not much else can be seen as you are in international waters.

small rafts

The two small rafts at the back of the ship can be jumped onto to stay away from the battle or used as a place to use your Scorestreaks and have a lower chance of dying. Stepping into the water will kill you!

what do the numbers mean

The TV screens in the top deck office show the game show “What do the numbers mean” this is the game show from the map Game Show. The screens also advertise Mountain Dew, Doritos, and sports cars.

ammo crate

Only one ammo crate can be found in the center of the map. This is in a high-risk area but a great location for grabbing ammo when running to the enemy spawn. Ammo crates are a good way to replenish low ammo.

warzone gulag hijacked

Hijacked was also featured in Warzone for a short time as the Gulag. The Gulag is a Battle royal 1v1 room that players go to after death, winning the Gulag would send the player back into the battle. Lose the Gulag and get sent home!

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