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Release Date May 20, 2021
Location Kyrgyzstan
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May 20, 2021KyrgyzstanView All

NATO Special Forces investigate a border town in Kyrgyzstan that has sparked conflict to Perseus. – Standoff

outside of stand off

Outside of Standoff, you can see a graveyard, an airstrip, train tracks, and farmland with lots of mountains in the distance. The view has not changed from the Black Ops 2 Version of the map.


Henriks Lager Beer is seen being promoted everywhere around the map from the fridges to the large signs seen around Stand Off. Not sure if this is a reference to Kevin Hendrickson the Vice President, Production of Call of Duty at Activision.


Mountain Dew, Sweet & Sexy, Henriks Lager, Phat City Home Brew, and Metro Brewery Beer are seen scattered throughout the building.


A Painting of the map Moscow can be seen upstairs of the main blue house. The painting is of Moscow outskirts, a nice view of the waterside of the map.

warzone gulag standoff

Standoff was also featured in Warzone for a short time as the Gulag. The Gulag is a Battle royal 1v1 room that players go to after death, winning the Gulag would send the player back into the battle. Lose the Gulag and get sent home!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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