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Release Date November 9, 2010
Location Hanoi, Vietnam
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 9, 2010Hanoi, VietnamNone

Fight in the infamous prison camp. Fierce Capture the Flag matches. – Hanoi


Prison walls and spotlight is what keeps the battle to the inside of the prison, Outside Hanoi consist of buildings and trees with a bright moon and stars looking down on the fight.


The spray-painted words on the wall in the spawn translate from Vietnamese to “MUST BE DEAL WITH BLOOD” of “MUST BE RIGHT, BLOOD DEBT”


In the interrogation room you can find blood dripping to a puddle on the floor, a steel bed spring frame with batteries hookup, torture tools, and bloody hooks.


I will say it again, clocks are seen around a lot of maps showing the local time including this one and I feel it’s a cool little feature.

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