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Release Date November 9, 2010
Location Havana, Cuba
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November 9, 2010Havana, CubaView All

Cuban city. An abundance of tactical street fights. – Havana


Palm trees, tall buildings, large waterfront, and mountains are just a hand full of things seen outside of Havana.


You can hear salsa music on the radios around the map being sung by Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, both of whom are very famous salsa musicians, Shoot or punch the radio to turn the music off. Also, more Treyarch cans are seen here around the map.


Books are seen around this map that is labeled with the name Edward Richtofen, The main character in the Zombies storyline.


The CDR posters around the map translate from Spanish to “COMMITTEE OF DEFENSE OF THE REVOLUTION”.

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