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Release Date June 3, 2014
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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June 3, 2014Rio de Janeiro, BrazilView All

The alleyways of Brazil return in fan favorite Favela. Great for all game modes and sizes. – Favela


Outside the fencing you will see more run-down buildings along with a nice waterfront city in the far distance and on the very top of the high mountain looking over the city is Christ the Redeemer statue.


The Y-8 Gunship is the Field Order here on Favela, take control of the gunships 105mm cannon, 25mm cannon, and its 40mm autocannon to kill anyone not smart enough to hide. I can also be referenced at being similar to the AC-130 in Modern Warfare 3


Everywhere you look is soccer from the posters on the walls, the ball in the center of the map that can be shot around the map to all the television playing the game. Sit down and enjoy the game!


Found at the back of the graveyard behind the barbershop you will find the Extinction Egg. Players who find all four Extinction Eggs in each of Invasion’s four DLC maps will earn a bonus 2000XP for completing the operation.

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