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Lethal Equipment

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Lethal Equipment is your go-to tossable explosive or lethal weapon. These range from a basic Frag Grenade to a I.E.D. or Throwing Knife. These are great tools for flushing out the enemy or defending an objective.

frag grenade

Frag Grenade
Hold to control fuse time, remember to release. Produces lethal radius damage upon detonation.
Unlocked: Default


Timed explosive device that starts its countdown on release. Sticks to any surface.
Unlocked: 6 Squad Points

throwing knife

Throwing Knife
Retrievable knife that causes instant death on impact.
Unlocked: 6 Squad Points


Improvised proximity explosive device that sticks to the environment. Arms shortly after deployment.
Unlocked: 6 Squad Points


Plastic explosive device that sticks to any surface and is detonated remotely.
Unlocked: 6 Squad Points

canister bomb

Canister Bomb
Mixed chemical bomb that Has to be primed before release and detonates shortly after throwing.
Unlocked: 6 Squad Points

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