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Release Date April 3, 2014
Location Mexico
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
April 3, 2014MexicoNone

Mountaintop Mayan temple. Hunt or be hunted in close to medium engagements. – Ruins


Tall mountains can be seen in every direction outside of this cliffside battle ruins, smoke-filled skies, and birds soaring above the Ruins with temples just to the outskirts.  


The first Field Order on this map triggers the Volcano outside of the map to erupt, the debris crashing onto the map will kill anyone in its way. Be safe out there everyone.


A second Field Order will drop a Juggernaut box that will transform the player into the Predator, equipping you with active camouflage, thermal vision, enhanced health, a plasma cutter, and a badass wrist blade. After the Predator is downed, he will activate his self-destruct device, laughing until he detonates and kills everyone on the map.


The Extinction Egg can be found hanging inside a temple above the Federation spawn. Players who find all four Extinction Eggs in each of Devastation’s four DLC maps will earn a bonus 2000XP for completing the operation.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

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