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Release Date December 8, 2021
Location Pacific Ocean
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
December 8, 2021Pacific OceanNone

Welcome to the Pacific! A paradise for combat on an incredible scale… Caldera is ready for all game styles, combat your way to the final circle as you enjoy the great views of the Pacific Ocean and tropical foliage around the Island. – Caldera

Deep underneath Downtown Verdansk, the CIA’s most elite task force uncovers a German World War II bunker on August 24, 1984, after dealing with Stitch. Following the sounds of a potential intruder within the tunnel system, they find a bunker with intel from a bygone era, along with the familiar voice of Captain Butcher mocking the task force for their lack of stealth. In charge of the secret British Special Operations Executive during World War II, Butcher created multiple Special Operations Task Forces including the original group, Vanguard – to ensure the total elimination of Axis forces that escaped following the war. Adler, Woods, Mason, and Hudson stand down to hear this story, one that echoes their mission of eradicating Perseus once and for all… And they learn that it all started in the Pacific.

Caldera comprises 15 huge, distinct areas that are primed for combat. From the Agricultural Center to the lush, deserted remains of the Royal Cabana Resort. Discover Caldera for yourself!


A few Memorable Locations can be seen around the map, Makin from World at War can be seen just outside the Beachhead location on the eastern coast. The building layout from the original Zombies map Nacht der Untoten can be seen at the large building next to the runway. A fan-favorite map Shipment can be found hidden in the Docks sections of the map.

Caldera outside

Outside this large Battle Royal map is the Pacific Ocean, players will see many small islands that surround the large Caldera Island. The outskirts have some nice beaches, jumping into the water will just kill you, sun is shining and the sky has some cloud coverage but the sun is shining just enough to allow some good view around the map.


Many Gametypes can be selected, Experience planes and weaponry fit for battle in the heart of the Pacific during 1944 in Vanguard Royale or play with all weapons in standard Battle Royale. In Resurgence you survive or earn a score to redeploy fallen teammates. Plunder’s main objective is to collect cash from looting, contracts, or killing enemies, a team that hits the cash limit win!

starting a match

The Match Starts after a short time in the pregame lobby where players can practice until the lobby is full, after the lobby is full the players will be able to drop into the battle and try to take a win. Use your map to pick a drop spot for your team. Many players aim for contracts or popular areas to get a good start.


Equip yourself with weaponry suited for battle. Looting is what provides you with the tools needed to lead you to victory. You will find items in every location of the map, these items include weapons, ammo, cash ranging up to piles of $1200, armor plates, armor satchel that allows you to carry extra plates, field upgrades, equipment including a heartbeat sensor, contracts, medkits, gas masks and also loot boxes.


A Circle Collapse is a poison gas that slowly closes in the map, shrinking the playable area starting from a random location and damaging all in its path. To survive, players must avoid the gas or find and equip a Gas Mask that only gives an extra 12 seconds of survival time in the gas. Always use the gas to your advantage, follow the outskirts of the gas, or keep close to the center.


Gulag now gives you more than a second chance at victory, any player who wins a Gulag will drop back in with the weapon – or weapons – and lethal equipment given to them during that deadly duel. The Gulag is a 1v1 battle to drop back into the map with your team, losing will require a teammate to buy you back or the game will come to an end.

buy stations

Buy Stations are what you would expect, a place to buy Equipment, killstreaks, Armor, Revive Kits, and also the only place to call back your squad after they fail in Gulag. The costs have changed from previous Warzone maps.
$1500 – Armor Plate Bundle: Five armor plates used for replacing broken armor, useful after gunfights.
$3000 – Gas Mask: Provides twelve seconds of protection from the encroaching gas before breaking.
$3000 – Cluster Strike: Call for several cluster mortars to hit a marked location, Enemy will be warned.
$3500 – Precision Airstrike: Call in twin jets for a precision strike along a marked location.
$4000 – Self-Revive Kit: Allows players to self-revive if teammates are dead or not able to help.
$4500 – Munitions Box: Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for you and your teammates.
$6000 – Armor Box: Five armor plates used for replacing broken armor, useful after gunfights.
$6000 – UAV: Call in a Recon plane that reveals enemy on the mini-map, Ghost will not be seen.
$10,000 – Loadout Drop Marker: Drops a crate containing the team’s custom classes.

field upgrades

Field upgrades are abilities and gear that give you a tactical edge in battle.
Loadout Marker: Drop a package that contains a selectable custom loadout.
Armor Box: Equip body armor, preventing damage to your torso until broken.
Munitions Box: Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for you and your teammates.
Recon Drone: Remote-controlled drone that marks enemies for you and your team.
Dead Silence: Temporarily makes your footsteps silent and increases movement speed.
Stopping Power Rounds: Reload your gun with stopping power rounds that deal extra damage.
Trophy System: Deployable autonomous defense system that destroys enemy equipment.
Deployable Cover: Portable and rapidly-deployable ballistic cover.
Radar Jammer: Scrambles the TacMap of enemy players and prevents Killstreaks for anyone within a short radius.
Cash deposit Balloon: Cash deposit device to protect you and the team’s cash.


Contracts in Calera have changed just a bit with the addition of Supply Drop, Big Game Hunter, and Top Secret Contract. All Contracts provide the squad with cash and other rewards to help reach the final circle.
Bounty: Places a cash reward on a random player in the game and shows the approximate location of the player. As you get closer to the bounty, you will see the target location bar fill, and this also tells the enemy you are in range.
Recon: Showing a random location on the map that can be captured; will show your team the location of the next circle collapse and provide a small amount of loot. Payers can complete this contract more than once and even see the last position of the circle.
Supply Run: Gives the player a set amount of time to get to a buy station, after beating the timer the play will get 80% of the cost of items at the buy station, this doesn’t include Loadout Drop but does give Self-Revive Kit for free
Scavenger: Marks three to four locations on the map of loot boxes that can only be found using the contract. These loot boxes will contain anything found in the game.
Most Wanted: A Bounty on your head for all enemy squads to see. Avoid enemy attacks and survive the contract duration to win cash and revive teammates. Taking out a Most Wanted player will give you the cash.
Supply Drop: Airlift a valuable crate onto the map for anyone to pick up and only has its exact location revealed by the squad who picked it up. Other squads will know the location based on the green smoke that marks its location.
Big Game Bounty: Targets the Operator with the highest kill count on the map unless previously targeted, targets the next top player as each Operator can only be targeted once.
Top Secret Contract: Unknown Contract until acquired, after picking it up it will choose from all available contacts but grant the squad with a much higher reward.


Lootable Perk Satchels can be found around the map and inside loot boxes, these include all your typical Warzone perks and can also stack upon pickup. 14 perks are available on the map with some being rarer than others.
Battle Hardened: Resistance to Flash, Stun, Gas, and Snapshot grenades.
High Alert: Your screen flashes when an enemy outside of your view aims at you.
Restock: Recharge equipment overtime.
Tempered: Two armor plates work as three.
E.O.D.: Take less damage from explosives.
Quick Fix: Regenerate health after getting kills.
Serpentine: Take 20% reduced damage while sprinting.
Tracker: Enemies leave a trail behind them.
Hardline: Reduced cost of items at the buy station.
Scavenger: Resupply ammo from eliminated players.
Engineer: See enemy equipment through objects.
Kill Chain: Higher chances of finding killstreaks from ground loot.
Tune Up: Revive teammates and yourself faster.
Pointman: (Plunder Exclusive) Earn more money from objectives.


Lootable Tokens are special token abilities that can be found inside loot boxes. These include another Gulag entry, Speed Boost, and More.
Specialist Bonus: This turns you into a super-soldier, allowing you to be hidden from UAVs, Restock your equipment on the go, see enemy footstep trails, and have your vision pulse when an enemy aims at you. Perks include Double Time, E.O.D, Scavenger, Cold-Blooded, Kill Chain, Quick Fix, Restock, Hardline, Tempered, Overkill, High Alert, Ghost, Pointman, Tune-Up, Amped, Combat Scout, Shrapnel, Battle Hardened, Spotter, Tracker.
Gulag Entry Token: If you perish while holding a Gulag Entry Token, you will be sent back to the Gulag rather than needing to be bought back or be eliminated from the game. Then it’s like your first death all over again: fight in a 1v1 duel to survive and redeploy. Players who hold on to it until the gulag closes will receive a Cash prize as compensation.
Redeploy Extraction Token: A token that grants an automatic redeploy without any need to visit the Gulag or to be bought back at a Buy Station. Do not expect to find these as often as Gulag Entry Tokens. Players who hold on to it until the gulag closes will receive a Cash prize as compensation.
Speed Boost: Once it is picked up, it will automatically grant the Operator a temporary movement buff. Sliding while having this boost grants a quick way around the map, and it allows for a ton of potential movement techniques, such as parkour lines and jumps, which can help before or during engagements.

anti air turret

In total, there are 10 Anti Air Turrets in Caldera, the main purpose for the turret is to shoot down Fighter Planes flying overhead but these powerful weapons can also be used to shoot enemy targets. Don’t let these turrets fool you, they are very powerful but also very hard to control and keep aim on enemy Fighter Planes.


Fasten your seatbelt for new World War II Air and Ground Vehicles! Haul firepower through the sky with the Fighter Plane. Or, if ground vehicles are more your speed, call shotgun in the Squad Vehicle! Either way, you’ll enjoy the ride.

gas mask

Gas Masks won’t interrupt as many actions as they did previously, making it easier to pull your mask off or on, as well as plating up or reloading a weapon while getting out of the Circle Collapse – but still always favoring the combat advantage to those safely inside the circle.

portable decontamination station

Caught in someone’s gas explosion? Deploy a Decontamination Station! This piece of portable equipment helps counter the Nebula V bomb by creating an “air pocket” for you and your team. Be careful! Decontamination Stations can’t hold up forever.


While Operators aren’t getting their sea legs in Caldera, they are now able to wade through shallow Water seen in areas like the Lagoon. Walking within water makes it harder to see footsteps, even to those Operators with the Tracker Perk equipped. Crouch in knee-high water and you gain the effects of Cold Blooded, but you cannot go prone.

gas can

Gasoline Cans can be picked up ignited and thrown at the enemy player, can also be set on fire, and sent up a gondola or zipline to kill a team on the other end. After lighting them they can explode on impact or after a set time.

redeploy balloon

Travel quicker and higher with Redeploy Balloons. Located throughout Warzone, these balloons allow for fast travel and redeployment. Just interact with the attached lines and ascend to new heights. Don’t let planes or weapons burst your bubble! Get lifted with Redeploy Balloons.


Underground Transit System with 14 access points, indicated on the Tac Map and minimap by a silver “vault door” symbol. Use these underground tunnels to travel around the map in speed but always remember that players might be waiting on the other end of the tunnel for easy kills. Red lights and alarms warn players of any incoming players in nearby tunnels.


The last player standing takes the Win for the team in all modes excepts Plunder, In Plunder the team with the most money takes the win, after winning the full team will board the back of a truck and drive out of the gas. During this time, all dead players names will be displayed on the screen. IN MEMORIAM. Do you have what it takes to take a win!

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