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Field Upgrades

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Field Upgrades are abilities and pieces of gear that can give you a tactical edge in battle. They recharge throughout a fight. More powerful Field Upgrades take longer to charge. Field Upgrade Pro lets you equip two Field Upgrades instead of one. Choose between them on each activation. Unlocked at level 45.

Munitions Box

Munitions Box: Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for you and your teammates. Shoot at your own risk.
Recharge Rate: Medium
Unlocked: Default

Recon Drone

Recon Drone: Remote-controlled drone that marks enemies.
Recharge Rate: Slow
Unlocked: Default

Dead Silence

Dead Silence: Temporarily makes your footsteps silent. Movement becomes slightly faster. Gun, melee, and throwing knife kills refresh duration.
Recharge Rate: Fast
Unlocked: Level 10

Stopping Power Rounds

Stopping Power Rounds: Reload your gun with stopping power rounds that deal extra damage.
Recharge Rate: Slow
Unlocked: Level 19

Trophy System

Trophy System: Deployable autonomous defense system that destroys up to three nearby pieces of equipment and projectiles.
Recharge Rate: Fast
Unlocked: Level 27

Deployable Cover

Deployable Cover: Portable, rapidly-deployable ballistic cover.
Recharge Rate: Fast
Unlocked: Level 30

Tactical Insertion

Tactical Insertion: Marks a location as your next spawn point.
Recharge Rate: Fast
Unlocked: Level 40

EMP Drone

EMP Drone: Detonate an EMP payload at a targeted location using an RC Plane. Disables all electronics in the area.
Recharge Rate: Medium
Unlocked: Level 46

Weapon Drop

Weapon Drop: Deliver a cache of high-powered weapons or attachments to your location for your team.
Recharge Rate: Medium
Unlocked: Level 55

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