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Dead Ops Arcade 3

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Release Date November 13, 2020
Location Unknown
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November 13, 2020UnknownView All

An eternal quest to defeat the Silverback Clan, with more top-down shooter mayhem! Survive round after round of the undead and face off against the fearsome Mamaback! – Dead Ops Arcade 3: Rise of the Mamaback


The game consists of 64 Rounds until the end with many different locations for players to visit. Rounds 1-4 will be on the Island, 5-8 in the Training Camp, 9-12 at the Junkyard, 13-16 at the Mausoleum, 17-20 in the Graveyard, 21-24 at the Spawn Temple, 25-28 at the Water Temple, 29-32 in the Hot Springs, 33-36 at the Winter Cave, 37-40 at the Ice Rink, 41-44 around the Bloodpool, 45-48 at the Sleepy Hollow, 49-52 near the Castle Moat, 53-56 at Mama’s House, 57-60 at The Throneroom, and finally Mamaback’s Lair from rounds 61-64. Don’t lose the Boss fight with Mama Silverback!!


Enemies on Dead Ops 3 include the basic zombies, Barrel Zombies, Axe Gladiator Zombies, Jumping Gladiators, Dirtnappers, Shadow Zombies, Blue Ghost Zombies, Blood Riser Zombies, Meatballs, Spiders, Wardens, Nova Crawlers, Hellhounds, Spectral Ghost Wolf, Electro Zombies, Demons, Bats, Skeletons, Megatons, Skeleton Kings, Helephants, Gegenees, Blightfathers, Werewolf, The Margwa, and lastly The Mamaback.


Hazards are things found around the playable areas that will hurt and kill players, these include the Shock Towers, Spikes, Flogger Traps, Explosive Barrels, and Lawnmowers. Lawnmowers are only encountered at Mama’s House, these things will literally mow down anything in their path including the players.


The Pick-Ups include a Gem that gives the player points, a Nuke that gives a bomb drop any time the player needs it, a Lightning Bolt that allows the player to shoot from one side of the map to another killing zombies in the path, and the pick up being a Soldier Statue that grants the player an extra life. Players can also get extra lives by collecting points.


Your starting Weapon is an RPD light machine gun containing infinite ammo and works fine against zombies in the early rounds, you will want to seek something a little more powerful in the higher rounds. Other weapons include the Gallo SA12 Shotgun, M79 Grenade Launcher, Pila Rocket Launcher, Death Machine, Ray Gun and a powerful Saw Blade Shooter.


Players who have played the previous versions are aware of the Tank and the Hind Chopper, but now we have a new Vehicle called the Siegebot, this bad boy is a slow-moving mech walker with a chaingun, and rocket launcher, grab this and turn the battlefield into ground zero.


Bonus Rooms are a great way to find added treasure and pickups, these rooms are Weston’s Trading Post, The Weapon Depot, The Kaboom Room, The Chicken Nest, Poppy’s Pirate Plunder, The War Store, A Cavernous Cellar, Abandoned Temple, Dark Crypt, and the new Silverback Slideways, a fun 2D scrolling level obtained through the Arcade Machine powerup.

first person

First Person Mode Is back again, a random powerup card can be picked up that will enter the player in FPM. The graphics are lower quality compared to other maps and the controls change over to the multiplayer controls but it’s a great addition to Dead Ops. When entering or leaving First Person you will be granted 3 seconds of invisibility.


Many new Power-ups with some old familiar ones can be found throughout the game, players could find the Chicken, Wunderwaffle, Sentry Gun, Monkey Bomb, Teddy Bear, Barrels, Boots, Eggs, Golden Eggs, Ammo Can, Saw, Magnet, Boxing Gloves, Grandfather Clock, Gem Umbrella, SAM Turret, Sprinkler, Portal, Coat of Arms, Present Box, Arcade Machine, Skeletal Protectors, Top Hat, Powerup Portal, Vitality Potion, Divine Shield Potion, Flashlight, and even a new Key, The Key can be used to open locked doors, certain treasure chests, and present boxes found in the Weston’s Trading Post bonus room, and most importantly for the blue altar right before entering the Room of Fate.

room of fate

Players now have the pick of 6 Fates in the Room of Fate, these give players added perks and abilities. The Fate of Firepower grants the player a permanent Death Machine, Fate of Friendship grants a permanent golden chicken sidekick, Fate of Fortune gives x2 score multiplier and most pickups last 80% longer, Fate of Furious Feet provides permanent movement speed and gives bonus boosts, Fate of Divine Shield gives 60% time bonus on any shield item and gives free shields at the start of rounds, Fate of the Divine Chalice provides many bonus revive abilities and gives the player faster healing.

deadops3 ending

Upon Beating Mama Silverback, the massive chicken egg that taunted you from the back of the cavern will hatch to reveal Fidolina, your captured female chicken companion. Not to mention a boatload of treasure and gems will spawn everywhere. Upon stepping through the portal, you are treated to a final cutscene in which you are reunited with Fidolina. In a bizarre twist, the player reaches into his pouch of items and guzzles down a strange potion which turns him into a male chicken compatriot for Fidolina!

calling cards

Dead Ops Arcade 3 has 16 unlockable Calling Cards, each featuring some cool Dead Ops Arcade artwork.
1. Damage Delivery – Kill 750 zombies with the mech, tank, or hind.
2. New School – Kill 3000 zombies in first-person mode.
3. Can’t Touch This – Reach a 7x score multiplier.
4. Tools of the Trade – Kill 3000 zombies using boosters or bombs.
5. Exceptional Trophy Room – Defeat the Mamaback and one of each type of the Mamaback’s Minions.
6. Don’t Call Me Chicken – Kill 1000 zombies using chickens.
7. Gorilla Stalker – Complete all 6 challenges listed above.
8. Full Arsenal – In a single game, reach max gun power (purple) for each of the 7 player weapons.
9. Archaeologist – In a single game, find and complete all 4 Deadly Dungeons in the Wild.
10. Bonus Round – Complete 10 bonus areas
11. Moving On Up – Teleport away from 25 arenas
12. Invictus – Be fated 5 times in the Room of Fate.
13. Topple Mama – Defeat the Mamaback.
14. Silverback Expedition Master – Complete challenges 8-13 listed above.
15. Pristine Pelt – Defeat the Mamaback without dying a single time in the boss round.
16. King of Silverbacks – Obtain a lifetime score of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) points.

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