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Release Date October 7, 2021
Location Zakarpattia Oblast
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October 7, 2021Zakarpattia OblastView All

A secluded facility harboring a secretive operation. A colonel determined to achieve his mission no matter the cost. Infiltrate the Soviet complex and extract the lost soul who could lead to Requiem’s salvation – or Omega’s supremacy. This is the only way. – Forsaken


Jugger-Nog Speed Cola Quick Revive Stamin-Up Elemental Pop Deadshot Daiquiri Tombstone Soda Mule Kick Death Perception PHD Slider


Enemies on Forsaken include Krasny Soldats, Megatons, Disciples, Tormentors, and Abominations. The Abomination enemy is about the ugliest this you will ever see. The Abomination is able to damage the player in three ways: first, by simply biting at the player if they are close enough. Secondly, they are capable of charging up and utilizing an Aetherium beam that is emitted from their three heads. Their tertiary attack is rushing directly at the player, which can be indicated by it kicking the ground beneath it with one of its legs.


The main Wonder Weapon is the Chrysalax. Forged in the pools of Aetheria, two forms the Chrysalax shall take. The Savager, sharp as the mountains in the Badlands of Dipsarax. The Storm, powerful as the winds on the Ocean of Zophoria. For if you are to defeat the one who is many, it will take both to tear him apart. The Devoured shall be reborn. Their scattered ashes shall be reformed. The Forsaken’s torment will be undone, when the Old Ones reign once more.

hind trap

The Hind Trap is located on Anytown West. You can activate it from outside of the Arcade or from the second story of the bar. The Hind Trap can be activated for 2,000 Essence, the overhead chopper will open fire on nearby enemies for an extended period of time.


A Musical Easter Egg called Samantha’s Ballad by Brian Tuey can be found by a small quest that requires the Tier 5 PhD Slider to be unlocked. Within Anytown, there are three patches of scorch-marked asphalt. Sliding off the rooftops and impacting near them will produce random items with the chance to drop an Aether Bunny plush. After getting the bunny, interact with the back of Burger Town Bubby, activating a 3-minute defense of Bubby while he tosses out Cheeseburgers. Grab the cassette from the reward loot after completing.


Players will find many Legendary Cheeseburgers throughout the Burger Town restaurant and in a few other locations on the map, Legendary Cheeseburgers give players extra health but can only be picked up while health is low, very similar to the multiplayer stim shot.


The Arcade Machines inside the Arcade can be activated with Arcade Tokens that are dropped at random by killing zombies. Inside the Arcade players can play the World at War Zombies map Nacht der Untoten, play the game called Enduro to get free points while operating a remote-controlled car or enter the machine called Der Eisendrache, this machine will give players perks and other legendary loot.

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