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Mauer der Toten

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Release Date July 15, 2021
Location East Berlin
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
July 15, 2021East BerlinNone

A city divided between East and West. A fragile alliance with a familiar adversary. An old enemy rising from the shadows. Who will prevail when worlds collide? – Mauer der Toten


Jugger-Nog Speed Cola Quick Revive Stamin-Up Elemental Pop Deadshot Daiquiri Tombstone Soda Mule Kick Death Perception PHD Slider


Enemies on Mauer der Toten include Megatons, Tempests, Disciples, Tormentors, Russian Manglers Soldier, and Krasny Soldats. A Krasny Soldat utilizes a primarily fire-based arsenal, with a flamethrower alongside an arm cannon that can be swung for melee attacks in close quarters for high damage alongside firing incendiary projectiles that function much like Molotov Cocktails.

wonder weapon

The main Wonder Weapon on Mauer der Toten is the Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard. The base model for the Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard, including aerial “Copy-Cat” companion capable of matching weapon output with additional blast. Supports three weapon mod-kits, and customized with an artificial intelligence that supports three unique voices.


Klaus is here to help! Klaus is a robot created by Elizabeth Grey that is capable of long-ranged and hand-to-hand combat. According to its blueprint, Klaus appears to have some sort of consciousness but lacks an understanding of human fragility. Klaus can be upgraded a total of three times, with each also upgrading his personal XM4 Assault Rifle.


The Musical Easter Egg called Amoeba from the American group Adolescents can be activated by collecting three cassette tapes hidden around the map. The first tape can be found on top of a mannequin in the Garment Factory, the next is in the East Berlin streets on a shelf in the electronics store, and the last one is next to a vase on a cabinet in the Blasted Suite.


Mister Peeks Bunny easter egg is a DJ bunny that gives the players rewards after surviving three rounds in the nightclub, players will need to find 6 items before getting teleported to the nightclub. The first part is on a desk in Hotel Room 304, another is next to a tire stack in the Alley, the third is on a couch near Juggernog in the Bar, the fourth is next to a cardboard box in the Sewer Access, and fifth on a shelf in the Department Store and the last one is on a shelf in front of the counter in the Grocery Store.

aether tool

The Aether Tool will upgrade the rarity of the weapon carried by the player when they picked the item up. However, the Aether Tool cannot be picked up if a weapon has already reached the Legendary rarity. To get the tool players will need to pick up a file from the Apartment Rooftop when looking over the Königshaus and Korber signs and shoot all the 5 moving targets that appear in the vista, and the player will have to shoot them all in a limited time.


Mauer der Toten has many Ziplines and Repels scattered around, these are the only way to move from rooftop to rooftop and the others are great for just getting to other locations faster. The map also has a few ladders for getting to other areas so keep your eyes open so you don’t miss any.


A Rampage Inducer can be found in the spawn area, activate it to make zombies rapidly appear and move faster through Round 55. At any time while the Rampage Inducer is activated, the player can toggle it off, reverting the game back to its original progression. Additionally, the player can also reactivate the Rampage Inducer at any point after it’s been toggled off should they choose to.


In the main streets of Berlin next to the Pack-A-Punch is two large fields with a tall lookout Tower Trap in each, activating these towers will activate overhead machine guns that will shoot to kill all zombies in the area of its caged field. Active both and run laps on high rounds to help kill the hordes of zombies.

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