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Firebase Z

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Release Date February 5, 2021
Location Vietnam
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
February 5, 2021VietnamNone

A captured agent in the heart of the darkness. A treacherous scientist on the brink of a breakthrough. An unlikely ally out for revenge. Infiltrate Omega’s Vietnam base and expose the secrets within. – Firebase Z

Outpost 25
Outpost 25

Jugger-Nog Speed Cola Quick Revive Stamin-Up Elemental Pop Deadshot Daiquiri Tombstone Soda Mule Kick Death Perception PHD Slider


Normal zombies are not the only Enemies on Firebase Z, player will also find the large Orda, Russian Mangler Soldiers, and Mimics. The Mimic is a shapeshifting creature, disguising itself as common loot, from Salvage to Scorestreaks, to weapons, and more. They were once humans that spent a prolonged time in the Dark Aether and have two types of attacks, the claw swipe and a grab attack utilizing the tentacles on the Mimic’s back which will reel in the grabbed player to the maw of the Mimic to inflict a bite.


The Wonder Weapon on Firebase Z is the Reactorniy Avtomat-Izluchatel Kuhlklay-84. The Reactorniy Avtomat-Izluchatel Kuhlklay-84 (RAI K-84) was developed by Dr. Dimitri Kuhlklay and first manufactured in 1984. The experimental prototype fires fully automatic energy-bolts, but also comes equipped with a ballistic Vortex grenade launcher. When detonated, the grenade creates a temporal distortion field, slowing time for anyone caught inside. Acquired by Requiem agents for analysis.

darkened forest

Players can go to the Darkened Forest by activating all of the Aether Reactors and finding the bunny at the end of the balcony above the village Pack-A-Punch machine, staring at the bunny for a short time will teleport the players to the darkened forest where players can shoot the bunny to unlock a reward that comes with a guaranteed Juggernog.


To play the Musical Easter Egg “Lost” by Samantha’s voice actress Julie Nathanson players will need to find three cassette tapes around the map. The first one is found in the Scientist Quarters on a wooden shelf by the stairs, another is found in the Equipment Storage, on a shelf to the left of the locked metal cabinet, and the last one, is found in the Motor Pool Office, lying on the floor between a desk and a green filing cabinet.

Zombified Head

The Zombified Head easter egg can grant the player a free Perk-A-Cola and intel, players will need to find it around the map and bring it to the Field Hospital location, and place it on one of the empty testing stands that can be powered by the Essence Traps, trap a zombie inside the trap and the head will explode, after the combination to the safe within Lev Kravchenko’s office will be heard, interact with the safe to get the unlock.

dance pad

Once all of the Aether Reactors are restored, there will be a glowing green button on one of the jump pads. Shooting it will temporarily turn it into a Dance Pad, and follow the dance moves until being transported to another pad, Doing this on all pads will change the cost to ZERO for the remainder of the match.

monkey bomb

If a player gets 50 kills with the Monkey Bomb in either the Data Center, Mission Control, or Military Command areas of the map, the Monkey Bomb will become an Upgraded Monkey Bomb. Using the upgraded version causes zombies to dance around the monkey, and many other effects and sounds have also changed.

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