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Release Date September 6, 2016
Location Unknown
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
September 6, 2016UnknownNone
Edward Richtofen Tank Dempsey Nikolai Belinski Takeo Masaki

The time has come to join Doctor Monty in The House, where an ancient evil threatens the survival of our heroes’ immortal souls… – Revelations

Raygun Thundergun Apothicon Servant Ragnarok DG-4 Li’l Arnie Bowie Knife

Raygun – AMMO: 180 Shots – Pack-A-Punched: 240 Shots – Reload: 3 Seconds – Fire Mode: Automatic.
Thundergun – AMMO: 14 Shots – Pack-A-Punched: 26 Shots – Reload: 2 Seconds – Fire mode: Semi-automatic
Apothicon Servant – AMMO: 11 Shots – Type: Buildable – Fire mode: Single-shot
Ragnarok DG-4 – Fire mode: Gravity Spikes – Type: Buildable
Li’l Arnie – AMMO: 3 Tactical – Fire mode: Thrown
Bowie Knife – AMMO: Infinite – Fire mode: Melee.

Quick Revive Juggernog Speed Cola Stamin-Up Double Tap Rootbeer II Mule Kick Der Wunderfizz Deadshot Daiquiri Electric Cherry Widow's Wine

Quick Revive: Shorter delay before regenerating health and increased regeneration rate. Revive Players faster. – Cost: 500 / 1500 Points
Increased health from 100 to 250, – Cost: 2500 Points
Speed Cola:
 Cuts reload time in half and builds barriers by 60% faster. – Cost: 3000 Points
 Increased sprint speed and duration. Stamina regenerates faster. – Cost: 2000 Points
Double Tap Root Beer II:
 Increases bullet weapon damage by 33%. – Cost: 2000 Points
Mule Kick: 
Carry an additional Primary weapon. A total of three guns. Going down will remove the last purchased weapon. – Cost: 4000 Points
Widow’s Wine:
 Replaces standard grenade with a spiderweb that slows zombies. It also increases melee damage. – Cost: 4000 Points
Der Wunderfizz: 
Grants player with random perk including perks not on the map. – Cost: 1500 Points
Deadshot Daiquiri: 
Auto aims weapons at the head, increases hip-fire accuracy by 35%, and reduces weapon recoil. – Cost: 1500 Points (Via Der Wunderfizz)
Electric Cherry: 
Electric Shock surrounding player upon reloading. lower the magazine bigger the Shock. – Cost: 2000 Points (Via Der Wunderfizz)

power ups

Power-Ups include the Death Machine that grants the player with a 30-second minigun, Bonus Points provide the players with a small amount of free cash, Fire Sale will spawn all Mystery Box locations and change the cost from 950 points to 10 points, Carpenter rebuilds all the barriers across the map, Max Ammo will give all teammates full ammo, Double Points will grant every player with double the points for kills and boarding up windows, Insta-Kill will instantly kill zombies with any bullet type for a limited time and Nuke will kill every zombie on the map including zombies that just spawn outside the map area.


The Gobble Gum gives the player one of the five selected in the pregame lobby, the cost is $1,500 and up as the rounds get higher, but the first one is free. The gum gives the players many different things including Shopping Free, any of the Power Ups, Pack-A-Punched wall and box weapons, perkaholic that give the player all the perks available on the map, and many others. Just over 50 Gobblegums are available.

wall weapons

The Wall Weapons include the cool Nunchucks, Skull Splitter, Bizz Cut, Nightbreaker, Path of Sorrows, Bowie Knife and some of the multiplayer weapons like the M1927, HVK-30, ICR-1, M8A7, KN-44, VMP, Vesper, Kuda, Argus, KRM-262, L-CAR 9, Pharo, RK5 and the Sheiva.

box weapons

Mystery Box Weapons include fan-favorites like the Thundergun and Ray Gun but also include the Apothicon Servant, Ragnarok GG-4, Li’l Arnie, Rift E9, XM-53, M1927, VMP, Weevil, Pharo, 48 Dredge, Gorgon, BRM, Dingo, Banshi, Haymaker 12, 205 Brecci, Argus, Peacekeeper MK2, HVK-30, M8A7, ICR-1, Man-O-War, Sheiva, Drakon, Locus and the SVG-100.

power on

To turn the Power On, you will need to override four corruption engines found across the map. The corruption engines can be found at the; Spawn Area, Verruckt, Mob of The Dead and Der Eisendrache island zone. Each engine costs 500 points to activate.

pack a punch

To unlock the Pack-A-Punch players will need to override the corruption engines and return to Nacht Der Untoten to enter inside the Apothicon and free the machine by shooting the yellow heart. The Pack-A-Punch is the only way to upgrade your guns. Weapons can be Pack-A-Punched again to add some extra effects, the cost is another 2500 points and will give the player one of the following bonuses.
1. Turned: Changes a random zombie back to human, this will send zombies in another direction.
2. Fireworks: A random bullet will cause fireworks to blast other surrounding zombies.
3. Thunder Wall: Random bullets have a Thunder Gun like effect, blasting back zombies.
4. Blast Furnace: Causes a random zombie to explode and spread fire to other nearby zombies.
5. Dead Wire: A random chain of electricity will kill many nearby zombies.


The Guard of Fafnir is a shield that can be built by locating three items across the map. The first item can be found in the Origins island zone in either three spots; sitting on a chair near the Wunderfizz machine, placed on a crate with the Group 935 symbol on it or sitting on a wall in the trenches when jumping between the House into the Origins area. The second item can be found in the Verruckt island zone either placed; on a table in the kitchen near the power room.  Sitting on a wheelchair in the corner after going up the stairs to the power room. Or on a column after jump padding from Kino der Toten to Verruckt. The final item can be found in the Der Eisendrache zone; within the anti-gravity area on the pyramid’s backside or the opposite side. And the last spawn location on the wall.


The Ragnarok DG-4 wonder weapon can be bought from the Mystery Box. If you die with the DG-4 equipped, you will luckily, respawn with it. The DG-4 acts as gravity spikes, trapping zombies and Panzersoldats on impact.


The Apothicon Servant can be bought from the mystery box. To Pack-A-Punch the Apothicon Servant, you will need to shoot five glowing blue panels around the outside of the map.

lil ernie

Li’l Arnie is a wonder weapon that has a small squid creature inside a jar. By throwing the jar, it will transform into a larger version of itself and kill zombies who go near it. You can upgrade Li’l Arnie by getting 100-150 kills by each player in the lobby. Then throw it in the Church’s bell tower window. If you are successful, you will hear an audio cue of Samantha laughing and then have all player’s inventory restocked with the upgraded versions.


The Fury enemy spawns by falling from the sky around the second round. One of their abilities includes teleporting to players and attacking them.


The Panzersoldat is a large mechanized zombie that attacks and follows players around the map. The armored zombie can quickly attack players by jumping, using a flamethrower, and an arm cannon that stuns players.


The flying Parasite enemies spit red acid at players that will block their screen. They usually spawn on their own round and then every few rounds after the first.


Spiders are enemies that appear throughout the map. You should avoid their web attacks, and melee away cobwebs if they shoot webs onto machines and entryways. Spiders usually appear around round six and reward 50 points per kill.

path of sorrrow

The Path of Sorrow is a one-hit katana like weapon that can be bought from the wall in the Shangri-La island zone. You will have to complete the “A Better Tomorrow” easter egg for it to become available for 500 points.

the gift

To activate the Musical Easter Egg “The Gift” you will find and interact with three musical bears around the map. The locations of the music bears are; sitting on the front row in the Kino der Toten theatre area; under the origins excavation site sitting on a stool near some bags going to the Mob of Dead area. The last musical bear can be found when coming from the Mob of the Dead jump pad to the Verruckt area, turning left and straight down the corridor to a bear on a wheelchair.

for a better tomorrow

To unlock the A Better Tomorrow easter egg, players will need to “complete the cycle” by completing all Easter Eggs in Black Ops III and finishing it off with the Revelations main easter egg after defeating the final boss. You must have completed the easter eggs from the maps; Shadows of Evil, The Giant, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, and Gorod Krovi.

the goof of all

To complete the Main Easter Egg “For The Good Of All”, players will need to complete these steps and defeat the Shadowman.
Step 1. Go to the spawn room outside the map, and go between each of the two floating islands to shoot four graves in the order of; Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, Edward Richtofen, and Nikolai Belinski. You should hear thunder when successfully the tombstones are shot in order.
Step 2. Build the Keeper Protector and bring it to one of the areas where a triangular stone will appear on one of the jump pads. How to build and summon the Keeper Protector: 1. Find a purple crystal on a table in the Kino der Toten area next to the jump pad going to Verruckt or near the statue room inside a basket in the Der Eisendrache area or near the anti-gravity pyramid next to the Corruption engine 2. Find the Keeper Flag in the Mob of The Dead area next to the Mule Kick machine or on top of a mound in the Origins section or inside a sandbag where the original Speed Cola was in Origins. 3. Locate the Skull of Nan Sapwe in the Verruckt area next to the Speed Cola machine or on a wheelchair near the ElectroShock Defense or near a Der Wunderfizz machine on a wheelchair 4. Finish one of the Summoning Altars in either the; Der Eisendrache, Kino der Toten, Origins, or Verruckt area 5. Summon the Keeper Protector for 5000 points
Step 3. Begin the ritual by protecting the Keeper from zombies and parasites in one of the areas where the triangular stone is on the jump pad. Once all waves of enemies have been killed, pick up the first audio reel.
Step 4. Bring the first audio reel to a recording device found in the Nacht der Untoten area and a memo of S.O.P.H.I.A will begin.
Step 5. To get the second audio reel, go to the Apothicon and throw Li’l Arnies into the nine holes that zombies crawl out of and defeat the waves of zombies and Margwas. The second audio reel will then spawn.
Step 6. Take the second audio reel to a device in Kino der Toten, and another memo will play.
Step 7. The third and final Audio reel can be obtained by shooting six bone parts around the map with a pack-a-punched weapon. Collect the bones using the upgraded Apothicon Servant. The bone locations are: 1. Near the corruption engine, placed near a huge rock in Verruckt 2. On top of the portal in Nacht der Untoten area 3. On a wall run section outside of the Der Eisendrache when the anti-gravity is running 4. Near a candle in the church 5. On top of the Stamin-Up machine in the Shangri-La area 6. Near the giant footprint outside the map of the Origins section
Step 8. Go to the Nacht der Untoten area’s top-level and look for the floor’s bone pile.
Step 9. Shoot the bones with the Apothicon Servant to make them go into a black hole.
Step 10. Shoot the zombie that comes out of the black hole with the Apothicon servant.
Step 11. One the zombie is sucked back into the black hole. Collect the third audio reel and place it in a recording device found in a mound in the Origins area and another memo will be played.
Step 12. Bring to life the newly spawned robot “S.O.P.H.I.A” who can now be found in Nacht der Untoten area, by using the turrets at the Corruption Engines to shoot at four floating rocks. Shoot the rock to the left above each engine when facing the Nacht der Untoten portal.
Step 13. Go to S.O.P.H.I.A and interact with her, to bring her to life and follow her to Kino der Toten for her to power up the teleporter.
Step 14. All players go to the teleporter, to be teleported to Samantha’s bedroom.
Step 15. Pick up the Kronorium on Samantha’s bed, then be teleported back to Kino der Toten.
Step 16. Go to the podium and place the Kronorium book there.
Step 17. Collect one of four Apothicon Eggs at a time that is hidden across the map. Place the egg on one of the stations that are in the green pool, in the Giant Apothicon.
Step 18. Kill around 15 zombies near the egg to make the egg become a gateworm.
Step 19. Pick up the Gateworm and place it on a Rune of Creation. You will be in cross proximity to a Rune when your controller starts vibrating. When your controller starts shaking uncontrollably, hold your interaction button to make the Gateworm transform into a Rune of Creation. Do this for all four eggs.
Step 20. All players go to the purple rift in the projector room in the Kino der Toten area to be teleported to the boss area.
Step 21. Go to the large Apothicon statue and interact with the Kronorium and memorize the order of four shown symbols, then go to the spawn room and input this order. You will have to redo this step in the next round if you don’t put it in the right order.
Step 22. Kill the wave of Margwas as the rooms transform through four stages.
Step 23. Pick up the Summoning Key at the end of all the Margwa waves, in which will be teleported back.
Step 24. Throw the Summoning Key at the following seven items to be collected and then do not pick up the key again after the last item is collected 1. A red barrel in Nacht der Untoten 2. A clock above the Undercroft in the Der Eisendrache area 3. A poster found on a wall in one of the cells in the Mob of the Dead area 4. A radio within the chandelier in Kino der Toten 5. A tombstone in the scaffolds in the Origins section
6. A crystal near the temple entrance in Shangri-La 7. The MG42 gun near the Corruption engine found in Verruckt
Step 25. Use the teleporter in Kino der Toten with all players inside to be teleported to the final boss area
Step 26. Input the Summoning Key in one of the four corners then kill zombies near it
Step 27. Once the Summoning Key is charged, throw it at S.O.P.H.I.A, who will light a beam at the Shadowman’s shield and destroy it
Step 28. Once his shield is gone, shoot the Shadowman until he goes into the Apothicon Statue’s mouth
Step 29. With the Shadowman in the mouth, Interact with the Kronorium and let another beam aim at the Shadowman who the beam will then kill. If you don’t kill the Shadowman, you must redo steps 26 and 27
Step 30. Once the Shadowman is killed, you will be transported back to Samantha’s room where a cutscene will be played, the Main Easter Egg is complete, and you have unlocked the achievement.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
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