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Release Date November 12, 2012
Location Los Angeles, California
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Release DateLocationRemakes
November 12, 2012Los Angeles, CaliforniaView All

Los Angeles bullet train station. Good long to medium engagements up and down the bullet train tracks. – Express


Graffiti, burning buildings, and a large spillway can be seen outside of Express. You will also find the Bullet Train lobby that leading out to the large city.


During the match one of the Bullet Trains fly through the maps train tracks, killing anyone in the way and coming back for more throughout the match.


Many movie poster are seen in the walkways leading out to the train, all of the posters feature other multiplayer maps like Hijacked – A film by Thomas Schneider, Meltdown – A film by Adam Hoggatt, A view of the ocean “When good enough isn’t” – A film by Chris Erdman, Turbine “Prepare to be blown away” – A film by Chris Ledesma and Bullet Railway – A film by Ian Kowalski.


Burger Town can be seen in the lobby waiting area “Get the right carbs! Burger Town was also seen in Terminal from Modern Warfare 2.

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