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Release Date January 29, 2013
Location Gobi Desert, China
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
January 29, 2013Gobi Desert, ChinaNone

Sand blasted and covered resort in the Gobi Desert. The sand offers interesting, varied fights. – Mirage


Sand can be seen flying around the outside Mirage and in big piles along with lots of palm trees and a few buildings. A large gazebo surrounds by a small amount of water can be seen on the outskirts. Not much to see outside of this map.


Inside the bar on the counter you will find coasters that are labeled Solar, this is a reference to the multiplayer map Plaza where you can find the Solar Luna nightclub.


Inside the large Hall, you will see a big gold Chinese statue with a cape and sword. Many gold statues can be found in the Gobi Desert.


A large hole can be used to enter the main hall; the hole was blown out of the wall by thieves that robbed the vault found inside. Lots of money can be seen that was dropped by those thieves.

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