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Release Date October 6, 2021
Location Soviet Union
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October 6, 2021Soviet UnionView All

NATO special forces have infiltrated a secret Soviet Training facility modeled after an all-American town. – Amerika

outside of the map

Outside of this enclosed Training Facility players will see large mountains, many trees, and more training equipment. Just to the outskirts of the small town is lots of ongoing construction.

starting the match

The match on Amerika starts with both teams traveling into the little town by armored truck or tank, after just a few seconds the match begins.

ammo crate

Right across from the Burger Town mascot Bubby is the only ammo crate found on the map, use this to replenish ammo, just keep your eye above the two buildings that surround it!

retro games

Amerika’s One Stop Shop for entertainment “Records and Tapes” …has all the cutting edge Games! The poster shows many Retro Activision games like Kaboom, Fishing Derby, and much more.


The movie theater has many upcoming films including: “HOT ‘NUFF, Break the Law. Get Burned.”, “Sunset Crimes, Sun goes down. City heats up.”, “Television, Little screen. Big Lies.”, “RAD GENIE, You’ll wish you had a friend like him.” “PIONEER, The intrepid few, humanity’s last hope, who left everything they knew to find a new home… What will they descover?”, SNORG, A journey too out of this world to imagine.”, CABBIE, A comedy… that keeps the meter running for love.” And lastly: IDENTICAL STRANGERS, Jill is a vet, a pet doctor who takes in strays. Jackie is a vet, an Ex Army Cop who takes in perps.

god bear

One of the other movie posters found on Amerika is: GOD BEAR goes to Washington. “Nuclear Proliferation was never so grizzly!”- Film Club USA, “His breath is too hot, your corpse is too cold, this movie is just right.”- Herb Unger, “This is probably going to start a nuclear war.”- Politics Today

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