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The Giant

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Release Date November 6, 2015
Location Germany
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November 6, 2015GermanyView All
Edward Richtofen Tank Dempsey Nikolai Belinski Takeo Masaki

Re-awaken The Giant. Return to the secret facility where it all began, and strike at the heart of the zombie scourge. – The Giant

Raygun Wunderwaffe DG-2 Annihilator Monkey Bomb Bowie Knife

Raygun – AMMO: 180 Shots – Pack-A-Punched: 240 Shots – Reload: 3 Seconds – Fire Mode: Automatic.
Wunderwaffe DG-2– AMMO: 18 Shots Pack-A-Punched: 36 Shots Reload: 6 Seconds Fire mode: Automatic
Annihilator– AMMO: 18 Shots Fire mode: Single-action
Monkey Bomb – AMMO: 3 Tactical – Fire mode: Thrown.
Bowie Knife – AMMO: Infinite – Fire mode: Melee.

Quick Revive Juggernog Speed Cola Stamin-Up Double Tap Rootbeer II Mule Kick Deadshot Daiquiri

Quick Revive: Shorter delay before regenerating health and increased regeneration rate. Revive Players faster.
Juggernog: Increased health from 100 to 250.
Speed Cola: Cuts reload time in half and builds barriers by 60% faster.
Stamin-Up: Increased sprint speed and duration. Stamina regenerates faster.
Double Tap Root Beer II: Increases bullet weapon damage by 33%.
Mule Kick: Carry an additional Primary weapon. A total of three guns. Going down will remove the last purchased weapon.
Deadshot Daiquiri: Auto aims weapons at the head, increases hip-fire accuracy by 35%, and reduces weapon recoil.

power ups

Power-Ups include Fire Sale that will spawn all Mystery Box locations and change the cost from 950 points to 10 points, Carpenter rebuilds all the barriers across the map, Max Ammo will give all teammates full ammo, Double Points will grant every player with double the points fill kills and boarding up windows, Insta-Kill will instantly kill zombies with any bullet type for a limited time, Death Machine gives the players a death machine for 30 seconds and Nuke will kill every zombie on the map including zombies that just spawn outside the map area.


The Gobble Gum gives the player one of the five selected in the pregame lobby, the cost is $1,500 and up as the rounds get higher, but the first one is free. The gum gives the players many different things including Shopping Free, any of the Power Ups, Pack-A-Punched wall and box weapons, perkaholic that give the player all the perks available on the map, and many others. Just over 50 Gobblegums are available.

wall weapons

Wall Weapons have been updated to the Black Ops 3 Multiplayer weapons with the Bowie Knife still being available. The other weapons include the RK5, Sheiva, L-CAR 9, KRM-262, Kuda, Vesper, VMP M8A7, KN-44, HVK-30, Trip Mine, and the Fragmentation Grenades.

box weapons

Mystery Box Weapons include the Ray Gun, Monkey Bomb, and the Wunderwaffe DG-2 wonder weapon. The basic guns include the VMP, Weevil, Pharo, Man-O-War, HVK-30, Sheviva, ICR-1, 205 Brecci, Argus, Haymaker 12, Dingo, BRM, 48 Dredge, Gorgon, RPK, Locus, Drakon, SVG-100, and the XM-53.

power switch

The Power Switch can be found in the courtyard attached to the giant generator, the power is needed to power the perk machines, Teleporters, and the traps. Activating the power will also lower the bridge leading to Double Tap Root Beer from Juggernog, this bridge provides another root around the map.


Teleporters are great for getting from one spot of Der Riese to the next. All three Teleporters will take you back to the main spawn area on the Pack-A-Punch platform. To active them, you will need to go to each one and hold down the action button, after activating it you will have 30 seconds to run back to the mainframe and finish the link. After completing all three links you will be awarded a Power-Up and the Pack-A-Punch door will open. Each Teleporter will require a cool down time before using again.


The Electroshock Defense trap is a large trap located next to the power generator; it closes off the center of the map killing all zombies that walk through its electricity. The Trap will also down any players without Juggernog. Using the trap with the right strategy will help you get to the high rounds.

pack a punch

The Pack-A-Punch can be found in the main spawn; it requires all Teleporters to be linked before becoming usable as its blocked by a door. Pack-A-Punched Weapons offer more damage and also provide the player with a cool camo. Weapons can be Pack-A-Punched again to add some extra effects, the cost is another 2500 points and will give the player one of the following bonuses.
1. Turned: Changes a random zombie back to human, this will send zombies in another direction.
2. Fireworks: A random bullet will cause fireworks to blast other surrounding zombies.
3. Thunder Wall: Random bullets have a Thunder Gun like effect, blasting back zombies.
4. Blast Furnace: Causes a random zombie to explode and spread fire to other nearby zombies.
5. Dead Wire: A random chain of electricity will kill many nearby zombies.


Hellhounds will spawn every four to five rounds, as the first one spawns the map will become foggy and an announcer can be heard saying “Fetch me their souls!”. The Hellhounds take fewer bullets to kill but are much quicker than normal zombies. Killing the last one will drop a Max Ammo Power Up. After about fifteen rounds the Hellhounds will start to spawn with the zombies.

secret perk

A Sixth Perk Machine can be found under a pile of snow in the ally, the snow will need to be melted to uncover the machine. At each of the three teleporters use a Cymbal Monkey in the teleporter as you teleport, after doing it at all locations the lights on the teleporter pad will turn green, interacting with the pad will cause the Giant Robot head outside the map to shoot a laser at the snow pile and melt it.


The Musical Easter Egg on Der Riese can be activated by finding three jars that look to have spines in them and you will need to press the action button on each one, you will find two in the animal testing lab and the other in a room leading to teleporter B next to the stairs. The song is called Beauty of Annihilation, written by Kevin Sherwood and performed by Elena Siegman.


The map’s Main Easter Egg is simple. After you Pack-A-Punch your weapon you can shoot a panel down the alleyway to the right of the mainframe, doing this will cause three Teddy Bears to spin in a circle while shooting into the sky, they will spawn in random locations around the map and Maxis will start to speak. You can find a Cymbal Monkey inside the incinerator under Teleporter A, a teddy bear on a tall balcony to the right of the power switch, and a teddy bear inside a well full of water beside Teleporter B. Once finished, Maxis will say “I see it, the beacon is lit! I know where and when you are!… Sooner or later, I will find you. Together we will ensure a better future for the children.”. Players can now head to the furnace, where the Annihilator revolver can be picked up and used by any player as a special weapon.

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