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Dead Ops Arcade 2

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Release Date November 6, 2015
Location Unknown
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Step back through time with this retro arcade zombie adventure and do battle with the forces of the Cosmic Silverback. This time with a twist… Dive into the arcade for the full experience. – Dead Ops Arcade 2: Cyber’s Avenging

unlock it

To Unlock the mode, players must use the computer in the safe house found in the Campaign and select the top of the screen until nothing on the screen is selected but the icon at the very top of the screen, now press the jump button and the Dead Ops arcade cutscene should start. Another way to launch the game is just in the main menu as it was added in a later update.

first person mode

Dead Ops Arcade 2: Cyber’s Avenging is the first Dead Ops mode to introduce First Person Mode, a random powerup card can be picked up that will enter the player in FPM. The graphics are lower quality compared to other maps and the controls change over to the multiplayer controls but it’s a great addition to Dead Ops. When entering or leaving First Person you will be granted 3 seconds of invisibility.


The Pick-Ups include a Gem that gives the player points, a Nuke that gives a bomb drop any time the player needs it, Lightning Bolt that allows the player to shoot from one side of the map to another and killing zombies in the path, and the pick up being a Soldier Statue that grants the player an extra life. Players can also get extra lives by collecting points.


Weapons include the player’s main weapon that has unlimited ammo, all other weapons have a set amount of ammo and a time limit, these weapons include the War Machine, BlackCell, Death Machine, Ray Gun, KRM-262, Purifier, and a Missile Launcher.


Vehicles: Grab one of three great Vehicles. A fully automatic Tank that can also run over zombies and a Helicopter that shoots missiles and chops up zombies in its path. The new addition is an ATV that can run down zombies.


Many Power-Ups include a Teddy Bear that creates a protective field around the player, Electric Orb that provides 4 orbs that surround the player, Barrel surrounds the player with barrels that take out zombies, Chicken spawns a flying chicken the shoots zombies, Boots will make the player run faster, Monkey Bomb drops and causes the zombies to attack it and blow up, the Turret is a droppable turret the shoots nearby zombies and a few others like a Saw, Boxing Gloves, Umbrella, Skulls that increase firepower, Vortex that sucks in zombies, Grenade Turret, a standard Turret, Ammo Box and finally R.A.P.S.


The game made has a few Hazards that players will need to watch out for, Electric Traps that will kill players that walk into them, Bulls that run through the map and take down zombies and players that get in their way, and the Exploding Mines that are tripped when players run over them.


Lots of different Zombies are seen as you move to higher levels. Normal Nazi Zombies, Zombies that crawl out of the ground, Shadow Zombies, Blood Zombies, Downpour Zombies, Hellhounds, and the Cyber Silverback.

bonus room

Many different Bonus Rooms are found throughout the game. The Hanger is filled with vehicles, The Church is packed with many Barrels and boxing gloves, Nuke Armory has more the 10 nuke powerups along with many others, The Mystical Armory grants numerous weapons and powerups, The Chicken Farm is filled with giant white eggs that hatch and grant the players with giant gems and chickens, the final bonus room is the Treasure Hoard room and it’s the most common room that usually only contains gems, but powerups such as dashes can be obtained.


Room of Fate is seen between rounds 17 to 20 and grants the player one of four permanent fates. The Fate of Fortitude is the ability to use power-ups, vehicles, and weapons for twice the duration, The Fate of Firepower gives the player a permanent Death Machine as the player’s default weapon, The Fate of Friendship grants the player a Chicken to be used permanently. This Fate also doubles the duration of any further Chickens picked up and lastly The Fate of Furious Feet provides the player with Boots, permanently increasing their speed. This will also increase the number of Lightning Bolts to three every round.

many rounds

Dead Ops Arcade 2: Cyber’s Avenging has many Rounds that take players to many different locations. Rounds 1-4 will be on the Island, 5-8 is at the Docks, 9-12 take you to a Farm, 13-16 is at the Circle, 17-20 will be at the Shadows, 21-24 is the Coliseum, 25-28 will be at the Meatballs, 29-32 take player to the Margwas, 33-36 is at Chinatown, 37-40 will be at a place called Donut, 41-44 the Building Courtyard and 45-48 will be at the Robot Bridge. After round 44, players will have to fight the Boss.

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