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Release Date July 2 ,2013
Location International Waters
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
July 2 ,2013International WatersNone

Fight on this isolated island, use the flanks on the water edges to outsmart your enemies. – Cove


The International Waters is what you see outside Cove island along with crashed boats, large rocks, birds, more islands, and parts from the destroyed plane that is found in the center of the map.


In the distance you can see the cruise ship that we all know as Hijacked. When playing on the map Hijacked you can see an island, but the island is much bigger than Cove, so the ship must just be passing.  


The Island has had people that were once stranded as you can find the days counted and a said face carved into some of the rocks. You will also see a bed, clothing, firepit, homemade raft, and the word HELP spelled out with coconuts. 

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