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Release Date July 2 ,2013
Location Georgia, USA
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Release DateLocationRemakes
July 2 ,2013Georgia, USAView All

Fast paced engagements and lots of cover allow you to work through each lane. – Rush


More paintball areas are seen outside Rush boundaries with lots of trees in the distance. The parking lot just outside the is filled with police cars.


The magazine rack in the paintball store has magazines that reference other maps: Rocker & Camber is Downhill, Vert Games is Grind and Optique translated from French is Optical and the cover page is the map Raid.


Welcome to Spolee Field, some of the signs around the map say: Autograph session will be at Nuketown mall, WHO will reign supreme!!?? and speedball championships will be head to head July 15th to the 17th.


The paintballs called PEW-PEW are .68 caliber and come in boxes of 2000 with the manufacture name being 2ARC which is a reference to Treyarch.

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