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Gear will not deal lethal damage, but rather provides a potential strategic advantage within or outside of combat, such as providing extra armor. Grab the Stimshot to give yourself a health boost, use the Acoustic Sensor to hear enemy footsteps.

equipment charge

Equipment Charge
Equipment and Specialist Weapons recharge faster.
Unlocked: Default

stim shot

Stim Shot
Heal faster and more often, while maintaining control of your weapon.
Unlocked: Default

comsec device

Comsec Device
Scorestreaks are earned at a discounted cost.
Unlocked: Default

body armor

Body Armor
Increased protection from initial bullet damage. Reduced movement speed while equipped.
Unlocked: Level 6

acoustic sensor

Acoustic Sensor
Enemy movements are easier to hear and trigger visual indicators on the minimap.
Unlocked: Level 7

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Night Light