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Jungle Flooded

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Release Date September 17, 2019
Location Vietnam
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September 17, 2019VietnamView All

Black Ops Flashback: The heat is on as Cold War forces collide in the sweltering depths of the Vietnam jungle. – Jungle Flooded

outside of the map jungle flooded

Outside Jungle Flooded you will find a large temple, a helicopter surrounded by army tents and jungle style homes. All areas around the map are now flooded.

under the water in jungle flooded

Now that the map is flooded, feel free to dive off the top of the cliff and go for a swim. The water is dark and hard to see enemy players. The map also has many boats in the spawns and one in the center.

jungle is flooded

Some of the trees on the map have fallen from the flood, the tree in the center of the map next to the boat provides an extra route to the center pathway.

easteregg on jungle flooded

Near the army tents and helicopter you can see many army helmets and boots along with can that say Treyarch on them, a reference to the game’s developer. These cans have been seen in many of the Black Ops games including the map Slums.

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