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Release Date October 12, 2018
Location Iceland
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 12, 2018IcelandNone

A defensive ICBM launch facility deep in an Icelandic mountain range has been infiltrated by hostile forces attempting to steel a nuclear warhead. – Seaside

outside of Payload

A very nice view is seen outside Seaside, large open land filled with mountains, lakes, tall trees, and snow patches that lead up the mountain tops above the clouds.

start a match on Payload

The rescue helicopter on the helipad above the center building is seen taking off with difficulties and crashing just outside the spawn area.

running path with interactive button

The map has a walkway that can be lowered and brought back up on the cliffside of the map, use this to access the area inside the missile for cover or just to change up the running path.

metro beer found on Payload

Just outside one of the control buildings you can find some bear cooling in the snow. Beer anyone? The bear is Metro Beer that has been seen in map previous maps. “The simple taste of Metro brew is not unlike a subtle shrew. In the mourn or in the night, this beautiful taste makes angels cry. As you unbind the cap a chorus sings to the glory the pigeon king.”

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