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Vehicles play an extremely important role in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode, Blackout; after all, your two feet can only get you so far on the main map. Choose between Land, Air, and Ocean Vehicles, Some fast and some equipped with heavy weapons!

muscle Car

Muscle Car: Stylish car with lots of speed to get you and the full squad around the map, lacks armor but has a great center GPS map. The convertible top allows passengers to target or defend the full surrounding of the Muscle Car.


SUV: Faster than a truck with lots of room for the full squad, hang out the windows and shoot down enemy players. A bit bigger then the Muscle Car, which makes it a bigger target to anyone looking to take it down.


ATV: A quick off-road machine that will get two players around the map, vulnerable to opponents with a good aim. The main concern with the ATV is the noise that it produces. Great for the open mountains, just watch for sniper fire.

dirt bike

Motorbike: One quick bike with a sidecar to bring one player with you. The bike has no armor so drive fast. This bad boy can rip up the mean streets of Blackout with its breakneck speed. The fastest method of ground travel.

cargo truck

Cargo Truck: Large, Slow and Loud, it’ll get you where you need to go with as many people as you can cram into the back. Can also hold weapons, ammo, and equipment, acting as a mobile stash for all the loot you can fit.


ARAV: Heavy armored off-road machine with a mounted turret to take down enemies. Only fits three players, one driver, one running the turret and one ridding shotgun to provide suppressing fire. The forth player will need to find another way.

tactical raft

Tactical Raft: The quickest way across the water with enough room for the full squad of four. Lacks cover from enemies so take the first shot, If being shot at just jump into the water to get some cover.


PBR: A machine gun mounted on a boat that fits the full team and has lots of cover but lacks speed and maneuvering. Noise wise, the PBR’s engine is louder than that of a Tactical Raft.

light helicopter

Light Helicopter: A speedy Light Helicopter that will get you anywhere you and your team need to go. Rocket Launchers will target you! Helicopters are also fairly loud, and it’s pretty hard to hide one in the sky.

attack helicopter

Attack Helicopter: A speedy Light Helicopter with mounted machine guns that will get you anywhere you and your team need to go while making it rain on the enemies below. Most likely to see a Hellion Salvo rocket directed right towards it.


HBT-1B Tank: The tank is a massive armored assault vehicle with a large caliber cannon. One well-placed shell from this gun can reduce a smaller vehicle to smithereens or decimate an entire Quad.

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