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Operators are split into two factions: SPECGRU and KORTAC. These two factions represent the two team names in all team-based game modes. These unique characters - each with their own backstory, nationality, character...

fortune’s keep

Fortune’s Keep

A mercenary hideout built atop an otherwise peaceful town with a rich history, Fortune’s Keep is a completely original Resurgence map with a similar size to Rebirth Island.


High on top of a large snowy mountain is a large area that’s fit for Arms Race, grab your squad and capture all locations on the largest map on Call of Duty Vanguard.

champion hill

Champion Hill

Champion Hill features four small maps for Combat Rounds located around the central Buy Station Area. For each Combat Round, your squad and opponents will be placed in one of these four maps at random, its in your...


It seems you’ve ruffled a few of the wrong feathers and found yourself in a fight to the death with only your weapon and your quickdraw to get you through it.

Scrapyard 2019

Operators deploy to an aircraft boneyard full of scattered parts and storage sheds. Fight from the central fuselage…just watch for those incoming grenades.


Fight through this military radar station set in the middle of the desert, where you’ll encounter danger at every turn, whether you’re passing through the central containers, the radar tower, or the abandoned offices.


Deploy, scavenge, and survive. Blackout, the very first Battle Royale map in the Call of Duty franchise, is now on Call of Duty: Mobile. First introduced in Black Ops 4, Blackout features iconic series locations across...


Welcome to the Pacific! A paradise for combat on an incredible scale… Caldera is ready for all game styles, combat your way to the final circle as you enjoy the great views of the Pacific Ocean and tropical foliage...


This small radar station in the Pacific is built for fast-paced combat. Remember to not camp on the catwalks!

Night Light