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Dead Ops Arcade 3

An eternal quest to defeat the Silverback Clan, with more top-down shooter mayhem! Survive round after round of the undead and face off against the fearsome Mamaback!



Verdansk is a massive battleground from the world of Modern Warfare that features up to 150 players. Explore countless combat settings and infiltration routes, from the sprawling Karst River Quarry to the vast seaside...


Port of Verdansk

The site of a supposed major shipment leaving Verdansk. Battle against your enemies among the shipping containers, cranes, buildings, and streets that define this unique addition to the Ground War map rotation. - Port...


Karst River Quarry

Established in 1961, the Karst River Quarry is located alongside the long Karst River, the quarry has plenty of verticality. Jump into an Assault Vehicle or the ATV and always pack your parachute for the potential...


Krovnik Farmland

A small farming village was built around the southern end of the Karst River, which provided the proper soil needed for hard working citizens to raise cattle and crops. - Krovnik Farmland


Zhokov Boneyard

A resting place for discarded airplane parts, Zhokov Boneyard is a Ground War map in Verdansk. Traipse through this airplane junk yard and avoid the turbulence of the enemy team while capturing your objectives. - Zhokov...


Aniyah Palace

Somewhere in Urzikstan lies a deserted royal residence with twisting footpaths, shot sightlines and high heights, this huge map is fit for Ground War.



A rural Kastovia train station on the top of a hillside, use the boxcars as cover and the open train tracks to take down the enemy. - Station



Use hay bales and agricultural equipment scattered around the map as cover. A deceptively simple layout, you’ll discover a honeycomb of flank routes that take you in and around the barn, designed primarily for quick...



Take the battle to the trenches in this small bunker side battle area, close-quarter gunfights in the diches with some long sightlines and a secret bunker to hide in.

Night Light