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Zombie Verrückt

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Release Date May 16, 2017
Location Berlin, Germany
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May 16, 2017Berlin, GermanyView All
Edward Richtofen Tank Dempsey Nikolai Belinski Takeo Masaki

Electroshock therapy. Chemically engineered beverages. Hordes of undead Nazis. Find the power to unite and send them back to their graves! – Zombie Verrückt

Raygun Raygun Mark II Wunderwaffe DG-2 Annihilator Monkey Bomb

Raygun – AMMO: 180 Shots – Pack-A-Punched: 240 Shots – Reload: 3 Seconds – Fire Mode: Automatic.
Ray Gun Mark II – AMMO: 183 Shots – Pack-A-Punched: 243 Shots – Reload: 2.9 Seconds – Fire mode: 3-Round Burst.
Wunderwaffe DG-2 – AMMO: 18 Shots – Pack-A-Punched: 36 Shots – Reload: 6 Seconds – Fire mode: Automatic
Monkey Bomb – AMMO: 3 Tactical – Fire mode: Thrown.
Annihilator – AMMO: 18 Shots – Fire mode: Single-action.

Quick Revive Juggernog Speed Cola Double Tap Rootbeer II Mule Kick Der Wunderfizz Stamin-Up Deadshot Daiquiri Widow's Wine

Quick Revive: Shorter delay before regenerating health and increased regeneration rate. Revive Players faster.
Juggernog: Increased health from 100 to 250.
Speed Cola: Cuts reload time in half and builds barriers by 60% faster.
Double Tap Root Beer II: Increases bullet weapon damage by 33%.
Mule Kick: Carry an additional Primary weapon. A total of three guns. Going down will remove the last purchased weapon.
Der Wunderfizz: Grants player with random perk including perks not on the map.
Stamin-Up: Increased sprint speed and duration. Stamina regenerates faster.
Deadshot Daiquiri: Auto aims weapons at the head, increases hip-fire accuracy by 35%, and reduces weapon recoil.
Widow’s Wine: Replaces standard grenade with a spiderweb that slows zombies. It also increases melee damage.

gobble gum

The Gobble Gum gives the player one of the five selected in the pregame lobby, the cost is $1,500 and up as the rounds get higher, but the first one is free. The gum gives the players many different things including Shopping Free, any of the Power Ups, Pack-A-Punched wall and box weapons, perkaholic that give the player all the perks available on the map, and many others. Just over 50 Gobblegums are available.

power ups

Many types of Power-Ups are available on this map. Death Machine gives the player a minigun for 30 seconds with unlimited ammo, Carpenter rebuilds all the barriers across the map, Max Ammo will give all teammates full ammo, Double Points will grant every player with double the points fill kills and boarding up windows, Insta-Kill will instantly kill zombies with any bullet type for a limited time and Nuke will kill every zombie on the map including zombies that just spawn outside the map area.

wall weapons

The Wall Weapons include the RK5, Sheiva, Bootlegger, MP40, KRM-262, STG-44, Kuda, L-CAR 9, Vesper, ICR-1, HVK-30, Trip Mine and Fragmentation Grenades. Grab yourself the MP40 to reminisce the old days of Zombies.

box weapons

The Mystery Box weapons here have been changed yet again, you will find many of the Black Ops 3 multiplayer weapons like the HVK-30, ICR, Dingo, Vesper, SVG-100 and even the M8A7. But do not forget you can also get some old weapons like the MP40, STG-44 and the Bootlegger. If you are looking for something better, you can also get the Ray Gun Mark ll or the Annihilator pistol.

power switch

The first map to introduce power, the Power Switch can be found on the opposite side of the map from the spawn area, it activates all the perk machines across the map and also powers the many Electro-Shock Defenses found around the map. The Power switch is free to activate, just buy the many doors to get to it.

shock defense

The Electro-Shock Defenses are the first traps that appear in Zombies, you can find them in doorways and chokepoints around the map. The cost to activate the trap is 1000 points per use and do not provide the players with any points for the zombies it kills. Players without Juggernog will go down if entering the trap area and zombies will die shortly after walking through them. Each trap will require a short cooldown time after each use.


The Fountain in the center of the map is filled with blood, if any explosives are used on the fountain the statue will vomit up blood. There is no limit on how often this can be done. In previous versions of the map, the fountain did not contain blood.


The Small Easter Egg is a button that can be found on the operating table near Juggernog, you can push this button by crouching next to a valve under the table. It will result in hearing a drill sounds followed by a man screaming in the far distance. Please only kill Zombies and leave this poor man alone!

easter egg song

The first Zombie Musical Easter Egg can be heard by going to the second-floor bathroom and Interacting with the toilet to the far left just left to the bloody handprint on the wall, flush it three times and you will hear the song Lullaby of a Deadman that was composed by Treyarch Sound.

Samantha doll

Play the Musical Easter Egg Samantha’s Lullaby, go to the bathroom and locate the three toilets, flush the toilet on the right 9 times, the center one 3 times and the remaining toilet on the left 5 times to make up the number 935, next you will need to active the Samantha Doll next to the Wunderfizz machine. After the first two steps you will need to follow the Jewelry Box music to find and shoot all of the other Dolls, you will know when your done when the music takes you back to the Wunderfizz machine, active the doll one last time and the song plus a Max Ammo will activate.

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