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5/5 - (1 vote) Explore one of the most notorious locations in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare world by infiltrating Zakhaev International Airport and engaging in combat. Go for it in the terminal or bring the battle to...


The Embassy has been compromised, and the use of short to medium-range weapons is ideal. Great for run and gun firefights.

Breenbergh Hotel

A luxury Amsterdam hotel accessed via private parking or airlift descent with an open-air interior that can favor ariel killstreaks.


The planes are grounded, and the target is at the airport. Get your loadouts in working order, soldier, because we’re headed to Terminal.


NATO special forces have infiltrated a secret Soviet Training facility modeled after an all-American town.

Verdansk ’84

Verdansk and Cold War Collide! Plunge into the chaos of a fresh battleground. Gather your squad and explore Verdansk in the spring of 1984. Discover new points of interest and uncover secrets within the lush landscape...


A secluded facility harboring a secretive operation. A colonel determined to achieve his mission no matter the cost. Infiltrate the Soviet complex and extract the lost soul who could lead to Requiem's salvation - or...



Verdansk is a massive battleground from the world of Modern Warfare that features up to 150 players. Explore countless combat settings and infiltration routes, from the sprawling Karst River Quarry to the vast seaside...

Al-Raab Airbase

The Al-Raab Airbase has been taken over by the US, map features many areas for cover and open sightlines for snipers. Large open combat to hunt your enemies.

Night Light