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Al-Raab Airbase

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Release Date March 31, 2021
Location Urzikstan (Russia)
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
March 31, 2021Urzikstan (Russia)None

The Al-Raab Airbase has been taken over by the US, map features many areas for cover and open sightlines for snipers. Large open combat to hunt your enemies. – Al-Raab Airbase

alraabairbase start

The match on Al-Raab Airbase starts with both teams ridding into the Airbase, one team arrives in the back of a van while the opposite team fly’s in on one of the two helicopters, repelling down just in time for the match to begin.  

outside the map

Just to the outskirts of the map is of course airplane hangers, communication towers, and many helicopters and planes. To the further distance, players will see some desert mountains and a few buildings.

arcade machines

Many arcade machines are seen inside the recreation center of Al-Raab Airbase, these machines include games like Max 6 Motorsports, War Beast, Space Cade, and Actibase Arcade Classics. Other than War Beast the other machines make their first appearance on this map.

burger town

When it comes to Call of Duty food, Everyone knows Burger Town! Burger Town can be found in the center of the map and has been seen in many other maps including Arkaden, Downturn, Terminal, Express, Grind, Crash, Atlas Superstore, and Warzone.

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