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Release Date June 11, 2019
Location Venice Beach, Los Angeles
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June 11, 2019Venice Beach, Los AngelesView All

Radical skate park near the famous Venice Beach. Ramps, jumps and tubes offer varied engagements. – Grind

outside of grind

Lots of large ramps are seen outside Grind along with a nice view of the beach, a Ferris wheel, a city filled with skyscrapers, and bright blue summertime skies.

skateboard with call of duty logo

Many of the skateboards around the map have the Black Ops 2 logo and the Treyarch logo which is the developer of the game.

welcome to vert games

Welcome to the Vert Games, the featured events are BMX freestyle Vert, BMX freestyle park, Skateboard Vert, Skateboard street, Moto X Freestyle and Moto X Supermoto.

wacky inflatable flailing arm men

The map has many wacky inflatable flailing arm men inside and surround the park. They all look the same and move in the same format well making noise that can be distracting at times.

concrete soldier going to the bathroom

Outside the map you can see the beach bathrooms, on the other side of the brick wall you can find a soldier that looks to formed from concrete and in the sitting position. Not sure if this was intentional or just a mistake.

zombies perk bottle poster

Many stores are seen outside the map, the new store that replaced Burger Town is now called Lucky Store, inside you will find Zombie Perk bottle posters. Drink Double Tap Root Beer and Wow! I’m Alive Get Revived! The other poser in the store is Holly’s Cream Cakes, Little Bite-Sized Cakes, So Good……

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