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Der Schatten

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Release Date July 9, 2019
Location Werfen, Austria
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
July 9, 2019Werfen, AustriaNone

High in the Austrian Alps, a village sites in the shadow of Griffin Castle, and has become a battle ground between the forces of good and evil. – Der Schatten

outside of Der Schatten

A nice midnight view of a large lake surrounded mountains that are overlooked by a large moon filled sky. The opposite side of Der Schatten is scattered with snow-covered houses and a large building in the distance.

starting a match on Der Schatten

As soon as you spawn on the map you will see you got there through a time portal, a large blue electric bubble is seen surrounding you and your teammates. Both spawns have the same effect.

fallen zombie robot

You can see a large robot that has fallen onto the battle area with some parts of the robot’s body being pathways on the map and its head being a good spot to snip out of its eyes (control room). A look at the robot overhead shows it’s the robot from the zombie’s map Origins.

moving bloody teddy bear

A blood-covered teddy bear is seen in the stores Christmas display; the teddy bear can be seen knocking on the window at times but normally just standing still.

zombies in the stores

The map is scattered with zombies in windows and the store display areas, some of the zombies can be killed but none of them can hurt the players on the map.

element 115

“Remember the dosage limits! Element 115 is unstable and volatile.” Is one of many posters seen around the map including: “The casualty could be you! Report any Nova 6 leaks to your supervisor!”

large statue of Primis Dempsey

A large statue of Primis Dempsey can be found near the gondola with a plaque in German that translates to: The great exterminator of maggots-sacks. When great evil attacks humanity, he returns to smite the wicked.

radio with voices of Edward Richtofen

The voices of Edward Richtofen, Takeo, Dempsey and Nikolai from the Zombies storyline can be heard through the Gondola control panel, they are having a conversation about fighting zombies and also picking fun at each other.  

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