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Release Date July 9, 2019
Location Louisiana, USA
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
July 9, 2019Louisiana, USANone

Deep in Louisiana marshes, “The Museum of Unnatural History” has purchased a unique relic of the past. Sadly, for them, the relic still thirsts for chaos and blood… – Remnant

outside of Remnant

America’s wetlands also known as Louisiana’s wetlands, bayous, marshes are seen outside Remnant, filled with large Alligators and fish with a fog that hovers the water. In the distance, you will see a large bridge and much more swamp.  

The Museum of Unnatural History

The Museum of Unnatural History is home of some evil spirits; at the start of each match you will see them flying around the building and into both spawns.

under water gunfights

Take a long swim in the nasty swamp, both sides of the map feature a swamp run that can take you most of the way across the map. The water is filled with fish and hard to see, watch for enemies hiding in corners.  

two zombies teleporters

The map has two teleporters that are the same as seen in zombies, the teleporters will transport you from the Swampy Skippers gift shop to the Security Lounge.  

zombie map pictures

Many pictures of past Zombie maps are seen around the map including the loading screens and also pictures of some perk machines.

mannequins and a Zombie inside the diner

Inside the diner you can find many mannequins along with one Zombie just sitting in the booth, you can kill the zombie if you feel he should die. He stays in the booth and makes zombie sounds and never leaves.

statue of odin is missing

New Exhibit! Coming soon is an exhibit called Lost in Time, Odin found trapped in the ice for a Thousand years and being excavated now. You can see this being done on the map Artifact.

a map of all the locations on the map

Welcome to the Museum of Unnatural History, remember to visit all the great location like the Bus from The Beyond, Moon, Asylum, Wicked Waters, and the new location for Odin! Coming soon……
Also read the reminder sign in case of a fire or earthquake “You must run as fast as you can and create as much chaos as possible, run for your life and save no one, please run towards the furthest exit as the closest one has already burned down, for an earthquake you must dodge all incoming projectiles and not hide under your desk, run, run, run, Save Yourself!

voiced guided tours

A voiced guided tour can be activated by the info stands by pushing the button, the stands are found in the Crater of Hell exhibit, Wicked Waters, Asylum, and the Bus from the Beyond exhibit.

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