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Release Date July 9, 2019
Location Havana, Cuba
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July 9, 2019Havana, CubaView All

Black Ops Flashback: Cold War tensions rise as the US and Cuban governments wage a war of ideology across the streets of Havana. – Havana

outside of Havana

Outside Havana you will see lots of large Cuban style buildings and old cars. The water outside the map is where the Gulf of Mexico joins the Atlantic Ocean.

starting a match on Havana

At the start of the match a large plane flies over the map, just missing the tops of the building and dropping flyers everywhere. One of the flyers say “He is not your Savior! The communist imperialists enslaved them! they will steal your money and your wives!”

Havana film fest and zombie perks

The Havana Film Fest serves Double Tap Rootbeer, Speed Cola, and Juggernog Soda. The movies include Origen,  Shadows of Evil, and Theater of the Dead. All the movies have the actors that played in the Zombie storyline like Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, Edward Richtofen, Floyd Campbell, Jessica Rose, Nero Blackstone and Jack Vincent

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