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Release Date September 23, 2019
Location Unknown
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
September 23, 2019UnknownNone

On an uncharted volcanic island, the evil organization, “Arkadeus”, has built their ultimate weapon – a death laser that harnesses the raw power of a volcano. Now it’s up to the Specialists to stop them! – Lair

sunset outside of Lair

Outside Lair you will find a large volcano in the mountains and shark-infested waters just to the outskirts, the sky is colorful from the volcano ash blowing in front of the sun.

under the water on the map

The map has water that runs around the center of the map and out to the boat dock. The water is filled with colorful fish and crabs. The sharks stay away from the map’s area, so they won’t eat you!

Lair has a laser

The laser in the center of the map belongs to the Evil organization “Arkadeus”, a death laser that harnesses the raw power of the volcano making it their ultimate weapon. Push the button in the control room to activate the laser!

vents for walking above the enemy

The map has vents that can be entered to gain alternate routes around the map. Be safe inside the vents as there are only two ways in or out. The map also has glass elevators that take you from floor to floor.

Do Not Look Into Giant Crystals

Many funny or cool signs are seen around the map. Evil Hench People Only, Do Not Look Into Giant Crystals, Do Not Swim With Sharks, Slippery When Wet and Do Not Be This Guy. Another sign shows that this secret lair has worked 0 days with an incident.

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